Bunnies! I’m Home!!!

Thassaright- I’m seriously net-starved, and several megaytes lighter… but I’m back…
I have a new laptop- again- but I am hesitant to hope its going to be long term… this also means I’m going to be spending the next week or so playing “catch up”, so if you have missed me- thank you from the heart of my bottom- and if you’ve wondered where I’ve been… I’ll be popping round to get myself updated real soon!
I am now also in negotiations to buy my own laptop at last. I say negotiations because it has to be a decent one with enough memory and speed to keep me happy… what with scrapblogging, photo editing and web-surfing… slow access is going to drive me barmier than not having any!
Anyhoo- I took a glimpse at a few pages to see what’s been going on while I was AWOL- and Allan gave me an award (yippee)… NMOTB’s puppy has a new trick… Faerie has listed a few things about Friday 13th… Dino’s animals look to be taking over… Phats has been VEEEEERRY quiet… Supermom has a new toy… Cheryl is putting my scrapping to shame as usual… Kingcover has been VERY busy and E.C.… I couldn’t open your page properly!
I have a LOT of work to do, I’ll be seein’ ya all shortly!!!

11 thoughts on “Bunnies! I’m Home!!!

  1. Welcome back and I think that South Africa should set aside a portion of the national budget so that you’ll have backup computers in perpetuity.

  2. Ok my dear friend……….First you vanish out of cyberspace (due to technical problems) then you pounce back and announce that you are back and now you have just vanished again!!!!!

    Hurry on back, it is lonely out here without you!!!

    Anyway’s might pop around this weekend!

    Love Ya Bye

  3. Angel, my 17-yr-old son has just been in England for 2 weeks, wined and dined and wonderfully accommodated by various of my mad friends who really pulled out all the stops for him. V scary for me to let my child go — out there into the big beyond, without ‘me’ to make sure he’s happy and safe. He is gay, and my lovely friends took him to ‘appropriate’ (eyepoppingly gorgeous and interesting) places and made him feel what he is: a member of the universe. He came back thrilled and excited — and much hairier than I remembered. Weird, he has been shaving for a while but I never realised he has actual facial hair! Being a Mom can be blindingly beautiful.

  4. You couldn’t open my page???
    Awwwww – I’m heart broken!!
    Hope you can soon. If not, send me an email and let’s see if we can’t get this sorted out!

  5. hey angel….
    wanted you to know yes indeed you are missed!!

    oh you can put me on the everyother day look/see list… I am engrossed in Live Feeds for Big Brother and well I dont think anyone cares what they are doing … which is all I know about for now… my kids leave today.

  6. Hi Angel!!! I’m gonna have to play catch-up BIG time when I get back to Dublin; just wanted to pop in and say Hi 🙂

  7. Oh Goodie – does this mean we can chuck out the Pepsie and buckle up again…

    Good to have you back!

  8. well i don’t know about taking over but they sure have managed to sneak into a lot of posts lately

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