wow- post # 902…

a MAJOR tattoo “craving” hit me today bunnies… if I had the money I’d go and get another one TODAY!!!

12 thoughts on “wow- post # 902…

  1. peong: teehee… i have several designs i like, but one in particular is next on my list. and i do like to give the artist a little creative license… mine’s name is cathy and i adore her! i hope you’ll post pics…

  2. I’m in the same boat angel. Once school starts up again, and I’m getting that extra money, I’m making an appointment. I know what I want, and have a couple ideas for where it could go, I would just want to work it out with the artist.

    And I’m working on the design for the one after that as well…

  3. republic enemy: teehee- they are addicitve! i have three! and i’ll be back at your place too…

  4. I hear they are addictive. My son won’t let me get one.

    Thanks so much for coming by my blog. I will be back.

  5. mel: oh i would so have half sleeves if i had the bux… tell gary i wanna see pics!

    terri: i’m glad you enjoy playing catch-up here 0;-p and i’m glad you’re home safely!

    ooh, nearly 4got i’m not talking to you!

    e.c.: teehee… nope- definitely no connection!

    katy katy katy: so what’d you decide?

    homo escapeons: the “ouch” definitely seems a part of it i think… as for the hierarchy, i dunno, mine aren’t hidden- but i don’t display them as such…

    allan: since my first tat i’ve wanted damien’s name… dunno where yet!

    phats: heh heh, damien does want tats, and our deal is he can do as many as he wants as long as he pays for his own and he doesn’t touch his face…

  6. So what would you get?? and where, wait a minute I copied Allan! haha 🙂 Damien going to get some too?

  7. I would get tats too if I knew where, what, and how to apply it without any physical discomfort
    …or is the ‘Owchee’ factor an integral part of the process?

    Is their a tat hiearchy where the coolest tat people get tats on the most painful locations on the body
    …relatively invisible places where there is 0% bodyfat?

  8. wow something must be in the water. Grumpy and I were watching Miami Ink last night and talking about what tattoo we should get.

  9. ROFLOL!

    I’m assuming there’s no relevant connection between “post #902” and “I want a tattoo???? Please??

    I mean I just can’t get my head around a tattoo of “Post #902” on ya – anywhere – no matter how purdy the colors!


  10. Of what? And where?
    I’m back in the land of broadband at last (Yay!)… it’s always fun to play catch-up here, Angel. Ya just never know what the next post will be like 🙂

  11. You and Gary both! He is about to launch into operation right arm half sleeve. U should set up a paypal, we will all chip in!

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