And I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way. . .

I heard about this (Cat predicts patients’ deaths) on the radio this morning and while the DJ and his crew were crooning over how amazing this apparently “psychic” cat is- the first thing I wondered was whether the old fogies would still croak within 4 hours if the cat did NOT sit on their beds!!?!

Personally, if I lived there and knew the cats rep, I would run screaming if he came anywhere near me- I think it’s very unfair (and unsurprisingly cat-like) of this serial killer cat named Oscar (he has 25 victims that they know of) to pick on the old fogies who can’t run away. . .


  1. e.c.: as a long time smoker (who’s currently not smoking) i maaaaaay have a problem sustaining a scream when i’m old and frail…

  2. Yep – me too! Thought I was the only one! Couldn’t believe the newscasters’ slant that it was “cute” or “adorable”!! Get Rid of That Effing Cat! If I was unfortunate enough to be stuck in that home, that’s exactly what I’d be screaming at the top o’ my frail ol’ lungs!

  3. that’s funny…i did a post on ole oscar..about the other facts about oscar that no one knows about..

  4. I thought it was hysterical lol Okay, it shouldn’t be but come on…it’s not the cat killing him…he just feels death or something. Poor kitty being dragged in by death like that

  5. I thought it was a pretty neat story. I don’t believe everything I hear, but I did think it was cool!!

  6. as someone working in health care and having had a terminal ill friend die – I can tell you most people take comfort in knowing when their loved ones will die and that they were able to say good bye. The cat only curls up to people that are dying in a matter of hours allowing the nurses to call the family to come say goodbye. The people that she curls up with tend not to be in any shape to know whats going on so they wont know anything except there is someone with them. Essentially the cat is no different than the dogs that smell cancer or know someone is having a seizure before they do.

  7. This reminds me of that rumour going around a couple of years ago. Apparently there was a health warning out on Angela Lansburg of Murder She Wrote because everywhere she went people died.


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