Something Worth Checking Out…

Did you know there’s a South African Internet Guide Blog? On the ‘about’ page, you’ll find this: “This blog is a companion to the printed magazine, Internet Guide. The purpose of the blog is rather straightforward: to focus attention to South African web sites, blogs and entrepreneurs. Pretty much just like the magazine.” And that’s pretty much what it does. Its not a hellishingly busy site (started in June 2007)- but the posts are exceptionally well researched!
And then when I popped round today, eved1973 had linked this… and being the complete link slut that I am- I went there. Now I know eved1973 did NOT do this on purpose, but this particular site is going to keep me very busy… there are PAGES and PAGES of interweb toys!!! Link slut heaven bunnies!!!

7 thoughts on “Something Worth Checking Out…

  1. e.c.: oh boy… a disgrace indeed! i wish i had a seperate closet full of them… i adore shoes and hats and sunglasses and rings…
    ahem, back to the shoes.
    i have LOTS!! i’m not going to bother counting them, lets just leave it at the fact that i have more than 4 pairs of boots let alone 4 pairs in total!

  2. LOL! People have separate closets just for shoes, Angel? I’m a disgrace to the female gender, I’m afraid. I have exactly 4 pair of shoes to my name: my gym shoes (live in those!), a pair of flat black pumps for work (only worn when I absolutely must), a pair of slipon canvas shoes (to step outside quickly), and my winter boots!!

    Are you still speaking to me? (^_^)

  3. e.c.: only an hour? i’m impressed… and i see your tag- and i raise you… um, a picture of your shoe closet! ha ha!

    kingcover: whew, i could really use those cookies! i managed to whittle down a long list to just 6 rather nifty ones…!

    w.w.: indeedy… i just got out and i’m quite exhausted, mwaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaa!

  4. Wow…I’m not the webcrawler you are, but that web directory looked pretty cool, Angel.

    I’m not much for the gadgetry and widgetry of the Web, and I can barely keep up with my own blog.

    But some of that stuff is cool!

  5. Oh dear, I feel like you may be lost in there for some time. I’ll have a glass of milk and some cookies ready for when you come out again 😛

  6. I gotta learn to heed your warnings! I intended to do a quick in/out check on I came back here an hour later!

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