The Voting’s Now Closed

The Clarity of Night “Halo” writing competition is over, and the winners have been announced. The reader’s choice voting is also closed, and since my vote can no longer influence anyone else’s choice, here are my favourite favourite entries, and I could narrow my selction down only after much re-reading and contemplation… my votes for the “Readers Choice Award” were as follows (in order):
Policies by John McAuley (took third overall)
Game for a LARP by Rachel Green
The Browbridge Brothers by Wayne Scheer
Just Over the Ridge by Josh Vogt
Inheritance by A.H. Caffrey (2nd runner up in the reader’s choice)

And the following 5 entries get an “Honourable Mention” in my book because I could only pick 5 for the “Reader’s Choice”…
A Break in the March by Mike Martinez
Mr. Fifth Date by Dottie Camptown (fourth overall)
The Most Curious Day in the Jungle by Nothingman
Reprisal by Anti-Wife
Trolleri by Bernita Harris