An Apparently Gratuitous Cat Picture

okay… a series of cat pictures! This is Taxi demonstrating why indoor cats are often referred to as window-watchers, then the camera caught his attention and he did a quick demo on the correct use of a camera neckstrap, then something flew past the window again…

8 thoughts on “An Apparently Gratuitous Cat Picture

  1. I think that cats act dumb so that we lower our guard..
    they look sneaky to me…
    always scheming..
    looking for an opening or a weakness…
    what the hell are they doing all night long when we are sleeping?!
    They totally manipulate us when they finally come over for a scratch and start purring we feel so special.

    I don’t trust them.

  2. hehehe, sounds like you could almost be talking about me here 😉 staring into space, getting distracted by camera, getting distracted by something else… LOL!

  3. katy katy katy: its so comical when they chitter at the birds!

    phats: just wait till one owns you dude!

    jenty: teehee… i think they put up a front to keep us off guard…

    brigitte: inneejust!

  4. I hope you don’t ban me from your blog but I don’t really like cats too damn sneaky! 🙂 haha

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