Here’s The Edited Email From Newmarket Press!

And here’s a link to angel’s photos ‘coz I had to take a picture of the parcel!

I hope this note finds you well. I am writing on behalf of Newmarket Press to see if you would like to receive a copy of Anne Ford’s ON THEIR OWN: Creating an Independent Future for Your Adult Child with Learning Disabilities and ADHD to review or discuss on your website…
Drawing from her own personal experience and the numerous resources available to her as a leading LD activist and former Chairman of the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Ford answers… questions, especially the one that haunts them daily: Will their children ever be able to live on their own? In a candid, sympathetic style, laced with real-life stories, Ford covers such topics as:
-Social skills and dating
-Sibling relationships
-Job hunting; interactions with employers and co-workers
-Finding the right college or trade school
-Estate planning
Ford’s book answers questions—both her own and those of other concerned parents—while addressing the ultimate goal of helping adult children with LD and ADHD live on their own. Ford bravely ventures into the sensitive subject of how to prepare for the time when adult children with LD will be left without the guidance of their parents, and she discusses key transitions to adulthood such as college and employment. Ford also devotes an entire section to the unique experiences of adults with LD in different familial and social relationships, including dating, marriage, parenting and more.
In addition to practical advice and information, Ford’s book includes revealing interviews with prominent professionals who have surmounted their learning disabilities to achieve great success…
Please contact me if you would like to receive the excerpt and/or a complimentary copy, or if you have any questions/comments.
Thank you for your time — I look forward to hearing from you.0
All Best,
Anne Staszalek
Marketing Coordinator
The Book Report Network

I am thoroughly enjoying the book so far, and I’ve done a little research into how to write a book review, and yes, I know… I don’t have to research everything, but I do it anyway! In all likelihood, she sent out tons of emails- but I’m very flattered anyway!

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6 Responses to Here’s The Edited Email From Newmarket Press!

  1. angel says:

    katy katy katy: he ducked from the bike place- turned out the painter “hired” him in his own capacity and wasn’t prepared to pay him anything NEAR decent even if he was just a lackey and learning as he went…! i’m proud of how he handled it on his own.

    peong: i just hope i can do their flattery justice…

    phats: i told him hi, he said “k”… sorry- he’s playing at being mr misery this week…

    jenty: i am so far…

    aaron: thanx for stopping by dude! how’d you find me?

  2. Assistive technology says:

    I hear from many others that this book is fantastic. What a neat opportunity you have. I wish companies would ask me to give them my opinion on their stuff.

    And obviously there’s a right and a wrong way to write a book review or they wouldn’t have graded us on it in school! (I didn’t do very well on the assignment, somehow..)

    -Aaron Marks

  3. Jenty says:

    Very flattering! Hope you enjoy the book.

  4. Phats says:

    Wow that is cool Angel! Enjoy the book

    Tell Damien Hi!

  5. Peong says:

    Thats great Angel! I can’t wait to read the review.

  6. Dino aka Katy says:

    I think this is very flattering. Have fun reading and reviewing it.

    Speaking of kids is Damien still working at the bike place? Does he like it?