Some Tasty F1 Dishes…

Just to tide you over till I’m one hundred cement again… sorry I been so scarce bunnies o’ mine, I been in bed since last week Friday with flu and bronchitis and I’ve had it up to HERE I tell you!
Then last night a killer suinus headache started and I was awake till about 5am this morning… anyhoodle, back to posting.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that there are no cute F1 drivers… tell me if you spot some kind of trend… teehee.
I’ll start with Giancarlo Fisichella (one of the oldest drivers in the current line-up). Next up is a newbie named Vitantonio Liuzzi, and then another newbie named Adrian Sutil. Then there’s a long time favourite of mine who goes by Mark Webber, and another newbie for good measure named Heikki Kovalainen. Ooh, and last but not least Jenson Button to round things out nicely… mind your keyboards now girls!
Why F1 hotties? Well, last weekend was the F1 race in Hungary, Budapest to be exact, at Hungaroring (though the name now reflects as Magyar Nagydíj in some places (race results)). I didn’t see this race (one of my favourite tracks) because why? Because I was home with effing flu!!! It wasn’t an altogether disaster for my beloved red fire engines… but I would have LOVED to watch it…
And here are some picture links… general (where you can see one of the few pictures of the grid girls), TV images and special pictures.

2 thoughts on “Some Tasty F1 Dishes…

  1. dawn: mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaa… i didn’t notice that when i posted, must be the same!
    i am finally feeling better… enjoy the wedding!

  2. Is suinus the same as knosher ynaks? Hope you are feeling much, much better today budvo! oxoxo

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