I Woulda Given My Right Arm To Be Able To Throw Up…

Do I have your attention?
Lordy bunnies… I went gallivanting last night with a few girlfriends, and I am mortified to admit I got well and truly torched… and then woke up this morning with a hangover straight from the very depths of Dante’s inferno!
Damien stayed home and baby-sat himself, very nicely I might add… I get terribly paranoid when he’s home alone.
So our mission was a wine and whine- no kids and no partners- and VERY successful it was too! I wore I silver velvet cross over blouse to show off some cleavage, beaded jeans and my grey feather boa… I was leaving feathers everywhere…! Well, I skipped the wine and drank my usual- Carling Black Label- and I truly didn’t have more than beers, promise, but where I fell off the bus was when we won a bottle of that horrible pink sparkling wine and drank it finished between the 5 of us on the dance floor! And I had two tequilas… bought for me- and mixing the beer and the bubbly with the tequila was what floored me. I was treated the whole evening by Damien’s weekend mom* who looked gorgeous! She’s such a sweetie, I just adore her! So I took Ydnic** home around 1am, and then made my way home- very very slowly- driving well under the influence I’m ashamed to say…
I took a couple of painkillers (just in case), drank some water, and took myself to bed. A few minutes after I climbed into bed I felt nauseous- which is normal for me when I over indulge, which happens VERY seldom, I can’t even remember the last time in fact, and usually throwing up helps me feel better- so I got myself a bucket, and then heaved till my ears fell off… see, since my operation last September, I am physically incapable of vomiting, but I didn’t know I could still heave like that!!!
Eeeeuuuw… I’m so sorry if I’m grossing you out…
I eventually fell asleep, and woke up a few hours later with the headache from hell! Sheez bunnies, I could not believe I could feel so grim without actually having a friggin illness! I took a couple more headache tablets, drank some more water and tried to go back to sleep. And then I was nauseous again… so I grabbed my bucket (which was still next to my bed)… and dry heaved again till my head felt like it was going to just pop off!!! Totally cancelling out the intended effect of the headache pills of course!
It was then that I decided I would give anything to be able to actually throw up and get it over with!!!
Now let me utter those fateful little words… I’m Never Drinking Again

*who has sixteen month old twin boys and a three year old daughter at home
**who has a twelve year old daughter and an eight year old son at home

17 thoughts on “I Woulda Given My Right Arm To Be Able To Throw Up…

  1. Your recent post about finding Damien drinking? It’s nasty for parents to see their kids drunk (or even think they will drink) but this is what humans do. Life is long… we do what we do to make it entertaining. Damien is going to feel like this (fiercely pissed) some time in the future… remember how you felt, and be kind! Give him a painkiller and as much water as he can drink, send him to bed, and deal with it in the morning.
    I remember vomiting on my parents’ bed when I was a teenager, after having drunk too much tequila and passed out. I only remember it because they will never let me forget. Aiy.

  2. Every night was like that for me for 20+ years…next Thursday will be two years sober.

    Still, a good buzz once in while can’t hurt most people- ‘cept the hangover! Be careful what pills you mix w/ booze!

  3. Eeish. I indulged in a little (?) Guinness and a couple of sambucas on Saturday night. I sympathise.

  4. TRACY!!! i was beginning to think you’d left the planet!!! did you see i visit you on “open fiction” occasionally? wow- a wedding and a degree!!! there’s hope for me yet darling tracy- i’m so impressed and proud of you- i’ll be right over to see the pictures!! i promise “SA” stands for “south africa” in my case!

    h.e.: i promise i’ll get a ride next time…!

  5. Never say Never!

    Rehydration is all that you can do to dilute the effects of alcohol poisoning. I love the technicolor dreams.

    Now for your spanking..
    Please get a ride home next time.

  6. Hello my precious friend!
    Drink like that for a couple more years, you’ll be listening to my recovery CDs as well! (let’s hope not).
    So I have been missing in action again, I know.
    Guilty as charged, but I always pop in to see you, you just don’t get to see me… not fair hu?
    I just married off a daughter and guess what?


    My little ADHD nightmare is teaching at the Masters level in a college in San Francisco.

    Super glad I didn’t bump him off.

    I have been doing a lot of work for the 12 step community as of late and getting ready to start recording a recovery CD here. Very wonderful happenings in my little sunny spot on the planet.

    I had to laugh at one of your links… SA ROCKS
    SA in my lingo stands for (oh honey you’ll love this) Sexaholics Anonymous Haaaaaa Haaaaaaa!

    So anyway, I posted some pics of the graduate and I.
    Love to you and Damien.

    I won’t stay gone so long next time, I promise.

  7. gin: i used to be alble to say that…

    s e e quine: aaaaaaaalrighty then, feel free NOT to divulge the details…

  8. ` Whoops – my ADD made me miss that sentence.

    ` Either that, or I blocked it from my memory because of traumatic experiences that would make you turn white and scream. (Seriously.)

    ` Or both. Sure. That’s it.

  9. hahaha … hahaha… I laugh with you I promise! Everytime I forget how ugly my hangovers are, or get sidetracked with my group, I always drink a bottle too many. That might be two? Than wake up hating EVERY one of my friends who utter the words “I don’t get hangovers!” Well I would shove that perkiness right up your arse if I wasn’t curled in a fetal position on cold tile cursing my hatred of vomiting.
    Well if I could I’d meet you and share those words with you .. over a small bottle or two! lol .. than my husband would probably laugh at me all the way home.
    My favorite drinking tip: chug a glass of water and at least two ibuprofen before you go to sleep after the beer and it really does take the edge off.

  10. faerie: mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa… i think i have to agree!

    jin: abso-friggin-lutely!!!

  11. I hate to tell ya but its age. I used to never get hangovers and now… almost everytime. I could be wrong…

  12. jenty: it was indeed an excellent night!

    s e e quine: thats the problem doll, i would feel better if i could puke- but since my surgery i am physically incapable of doing so!

    writeprocrastinator: i can’t like lucozade- i do like coca cola and lotsa litchi sorbet…

    anelle: i’m making your note to self a note to myself…

  13. Never say never.This is now a monthly date and we are doing it next month again.PS_ Note to self do NOT mix shampagne and Tequila .(Anelle)

  14. Now you know why they call tequila, “ta-kill-ya.”

    Lots of water and Gatorade (is it Lucozade in South Africa?) to rehydrate.

  15. ` Just drink some water! Then you can throw up some more! (Gee, I wonder if anti-nausea grass works? I didn’t say that….)
    ` I don’t know… I’ve never actually been drunk. Never needed to be.

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