The Interweb Is Finally Back To Normal – And I Was Tagged

Actually I was tagged a while ago… with two memes listing ten things by Christina, over at Solo Mother. I thought the first one, “Ten Things That Happened To Me”, wouldn’t be too hard and might actually be fun. I was wrong! It’s taken me bloody ages!!! The second one, “Ten Things I Like About Myself”, Christina tagged all her readers with- if they wanted to do it- because its substantially harder to do, especially for women… teehee! I’m working on it…
Anyhoodle, here’s the first one…
Ten Things That Happened To Me…
1. Let’s start with the obvious one shall we? I had a baby. I became a mommy. I’m not going to start gushing in a meme about how fantastically wonderful it was to be pregnant and how complete I feel being mom to my darling Damien- anyone who reads me often enough will know that already…
2. After I broke up with Damien’s father, we were still at school, and it pretty much tore me apart. In the process of dating Damien’s father, I had all but totally alienated my own circle of friends. His friends had become my friends and when we split up I was pretty much alone- I cried all day everyday for weeks and weeks… which started all sorts of rumours as I was completely over reacting to this boyfriend/ girlfriend split. Of the many rumours circulating about me being abused, a prostitute, a junkie and/ or an alcoholic the one that I committed suicide caused the biggest stir. Apparently, the story went that I shot myself in the girl’s bathroom with my father’s gun on the Friday after school. By Saturday night it was pretty much confirmed by the rumour mill- even a friend I had spoken to on Saturday morning even believed it- and by Sunday I had people calling my house to give their condolences. When I arrived at school on Monday morning, knowing the story, I could not believe people’s faces- they thought they were seeing a ghost! At least it took my mind off my heartache for a while!
3. I landed with my bum in the butter when I got the job I currently have! I work with an amazing bunch of people; its challenging EVERY day; I can continue to learn and grow in the industry I’m in now; my boss and colleagues are appreciative of my work; I work normal office hours close to home and I get Christmas off!!! Might sound “normal” to a lot of people- but its very different to what I did for almost 12 years before changing careers!
4. I fell madly in love with a man I thought was meant to be mine… he wasn’t divorced but he was separated, and looking back on it- I reckon I completely misinterpreted the relationship. I had sworn off men before I met him because I’d had my fingers burned more than a few times, and when he went back to his wife I was completely devastated!
5. I realised who I was when I was pregnant with Damien… I had always been “two” people essentially- the person I thought everyone wanted to see at school and the person I really was at home, the one that my friends knew. I was far from shy, and I loved performing and loved being on stage- but it wasn’t particularly cool so I didn’t pursue it… I loved way out music and clothing- but it wasn’t particularly cool so no-one knew. When I fell pregnant with Damien, I decided to be the one I liked to be on a full time basis- the one I wished other people knew- the one you all have gotten to know!
6. I got my first tattoo. It was a kinda “spur of the moment” thing… Damien was with me- and I decided when I woke up that I’d been postponing it long enough. I needed a change; I was going through a break-up after a long term relationship; and I had wanted a tat for as long as I could remember. Damien was fascinated and watched the whole procedure after I chose a stylised, tribal-ish dragon in black. I put it on my left upper arm so I could see it too. I was of course completely smitten by the whole thing and couldn’t wait to get another one!
7. I met “A”, my son’s father. That moment is sorta frozen in time for me- one of my good memories… I was in highschool, and I was walking to the tuck-shop* one Friday with two friends. “A” was already there with his friends- I knew who he was as he was semi-notorious (gotta love a bad boy) but I’d never spoken to him or had anything to do with him. As we passed him he came up to me and took my arm, and then asked if I would go to the drive-in with him that night. I said no- sorry, I already had plans with my bestest best friend. He said okay and that was that. For a split second I thought it was a practical joke as I was far from popular… he remembers me saying no with a look on my face like I wanted to spit- I remember being immensely flattered and then trying not to look at him while asking my girlfriends to tell me if he was looking at me… he threw a party a little while later specifically to meet me properly! Ours was one of those school romances that even the teachers think is incredible! Aaah, good times…
8. I was asked by Newmarket Press to review a book- and then they sent me a copy! This was so immensely flattering that I can’t actually get over it! And I am enjoying the book- bonus I reckon!
9. I met my bestest best friend in 1982. I had just moved and changed schools, and Gen lived round the corner from me- we caught the same bus to school. We’ve had plenty of ups and downs as well as the odd personality clash- as best friends do- especially since we’re so incredibly different… but we’ve shared an awful lot of growing-up milestones too, and no matter what happened, we ended up together and closer than before.
10. I had an epiphany in that I realised that I could do anything I wanted to as long as I had the right mindset. Happiness is an inadequate yet all-encompassing word, and it is a conscious decision that it needs to be worked at in every aspect of one’s life. What I wouldn’t give to be able to plug Damien in Matrix-style and download a few life lessons… but what fun would that be eh?!!?

*I dunno what a tuck-shop would be in America- we don’t have cafeterias, we have little shops where you can buy sweets and nibbly things and cooldrinks and if you’re lucky burgers and such… they’re usually mommy-operated…

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  1. mel: mwaaaaaaahahahahaaaaa… i woulda never guessed! now you HAVE to do a list!

    yellowdog granny: mwaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa…

  2. ahhh, men…can’t live with them and can’t kill them….oh wait..yes you can….haha

  3. Quite a list you have chalked up so far! I will have to do mine at some point My weirdest little claim to fame was spending a naked weekend with Mikhail Baryshnikov in Spain when I was a 19 year old groupie. Maybe too racy for my HC blog!

  4. i might just do this myself ~ten things that happened to me~ unfortunately most of them will have to include my ex, which sucks, so maybe i should start a list ~the first ten things i did after i divorced~…hmmm…first one was that i lost 15 kg, which i of course picked up again…i went bungee jumping…something i never thought i would do…anyway, i’ll be working on my list!

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