Cartoon Caption Competition

I found the perfect way to keep you all occupied till I can come and play again on Sunday!
Damien drew a new cartoon for me at last!

Some of you MIIIIGHT just remember a couple of these competitions from a while ago…

There are no prizes unfortunately, but Damien and I both get a kick out of it and the winner gets to post the completed toon on their blog!
What you have to do is suggest a caption or speech-bubble for the picture in my comments section- I then give them to Damien without telling him who’s is whose and he picks a winner!
Easy as pie!
Ooh- and I’d love for you to link this one somewhere- we never did that before and we all know how lovely an ego-boost can be…
Toodle bunnies!

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7 Responses to Cartoon Caption Competition

  1. Allan says:

    “Damn! I wish I hadn’t burned my lifeboat!”

  2. S E E Quine says:

    ` ‘Hey! If one of these bites, I’m going to be eating well tonight!’

    ` He needs it – looks a bit think

    ` BTW, aliens!

  3. Tracy_Nicolaus says:

    “The killer whale’s island disguise was working perfectly”

    GREAT JOB Damien (of course you don’t get to read this till after the contest) Your skills are improving remarkably. So much talent.


  4. Faerie says:

    “Im thinking of a new COD (cause of death).. Suicide by shark. *wonders aloud*…. Is that a sin too?

    (is spam really that bad on blogs that you must do the verify thing?)

  5. Dino aka Katy says:

    “here fishy fishy … I need dinner and maybe you ate a cellphone I can used to call for help or some useful tool”

  6. Sweetass RSA says:

    …survivor…exile island…cartoon style…

  7. Jaco says:

    Damnnnn!!! If only I was a Blue Bull, those sharks would’ve been dinner long time ago…