Oh NOOOOOOoooooooo!!!

I’m not ignoring anyone I promise…

yes… I’m screaming and crying again… my laptop all on a suddenly like doesn’t want to recognise my internet data card!!!! I tried everything, over and over again last night, to get it to see the card and NOTHING!!! And I used it on Sunday as normal!!! Can you imagine me at home all night with no internet, email, im, facebook… NOTHING!!!

7 thoughts on “Oh NOOOOOOoooooooo!!!

  1. blue momma: mine’s a work laptop, so there i’m sorted… but the datacard is mine!

    dear darla: thank you sweetie!!!

  2. I’m with you, sista! I heard a howling sound last night. Thought it was the wind, but it must have been you!

    I’ve gone through this in the last month. I’m now the proud owner of a new power cord AND a spare!

  3. bbf: heh heh… i’m back! i dunno what the fork the problem was- i threatened to let one of my techs put his cold hands on it and it worked again!

  4. That is a shit one bud!! and yes I can imagine the frustration (remember I went through it not so long ago). Hope you get it sorted – have you tried re-loading the software? Eish, I am no help with things like this!!! Just hurry up and get back here!!!!

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