If you love cars, especially Italian sports cars, like I do- the following post is drool inducing and potentially damaging to keyboards. If you’re not a huge car nut, just enjoy a work of art then…
You have been warned.

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13 Responses to Caution…

  1. angel says:

    writeprocrastinator: nuh, my sunday drive car is a yellow one…

    peong: i’ve heard a few theories, one i rather like is that its a few different drivers (including a woman) who are all already linked to particular manufacturers, and so can’t be identified at the risk of a conflict of interest…

  2. Peong says:

    i don’t even know…

  3. Writeprocrastinator says:

    Is that your casual Sunday drive car?

  4. angel says:

    peong: DUDE! i effing LOVE top gear!!! jeremy clarkson is possibly the best tv presenter ever!!!
    so who do you think the stig is?

  5. Peong says:

    HOT! Do yo by any chance get a show there called Top Gear? We get it on BBC America. I think you would love it.

  6. angel says:

    spear: cool!

    allan: now that explains everything!

    faerie: i’ll be over shortly…

    blue momma: sorry, i was jealous…

    louisa: and so distracting!

    phats: uuuummm… tell you what, i’ll buy me one, then i’ll see if i can afford a second one…

    katy katy katy: sharp intake of breath i’ll pretend i didn’t hear that…

  7. Dino aka Katy says:

    they look like ididbity toy cars 😉

  8. Phats says:

    So, which one are you buying me? I will take you and Damien for a ride I promise

  9. Louisa says:

    Oooooh shineeeey!
    I like the res one. 🙂

  10. Blue Momma says:

    How did you get a picture of my car????

    I try to keep it hidden under the Subaru shell so no one will be jealous and now you’ve blown my cover.

    It just looks like I’m driving the Outback…

  11. Faerie says:

    hey Angel… need your support… check out my site… forgot to post early!!

    Please send your friends to the site on there.. THANK YOU

  12. Allan says:

    My car was made by Italian company Bertone -and it’s causing me more grief than any single material object ever has. It doesn’t look like these cars though…it looks like a freekin’ Volvo.

  13. Spear says:

    Cyber Saliva!