I Realised Recently, That I Have A Crush… Several in Fact!

I really like that word… “CRUSH” it says so much, yet it remains a relatively innocent word- which is what my crushes are. There’s nothing lewd about them.

Okay maybe one or two of them are a liiiiittle naughty…

I have a desperate and long term girl-crush on Angelina Jolie. And it’s no secret. How desperately unrealistic is that!!?! Not only is she honest and intelligent and gorgeous but she’s sexy and empathetic too! I also know that if I ever actually met her I’d be reduced to one of those gibbering heaps of groupie drool and wouldn’t be able to say a word. Then I’d kick myself forever after for not making a fabulous impression on her… I feel we’re soul mates and in a parallel universe we’re best friends.

There’s my almost all consuming crush on King Robbie. Also not a secret… I believe the man is my soul mate, which is why we’re both single. Those tattoos… that smile… the voice… oh man! I tell you, he can kick his shoes off under my bed any day! And as with Angelina, if I was ever face to face with my sweetheart I think my heart would simply stop…

Mine and Damien’s psychologist is one of my crushes… and apparently it’s normal to have a crush on your shrink. Tertia tells us its called “transference” and it happens all the time… and yes I know it’s because he listens and because he makes me feel good when I’ve seen him- but it doesn’t help that he’s so cute and funny to boot!

And I have a huge crush on the yummy dish I was “playing” with on Saturday night! I’ll just call him Leo. He’s not only tattooed (detecting a pattern yet?) but can sing and dance and he’s got the cutest little bod and the most beautiful skin… he’s way too young for me and I don’t think he’s entirely, um, lets say straight… but he’s just soooo adorable!

And I am ashamed to admit it but I have a crush on a client of mine… he’ll never know about it because he’s a client and he’s happily married… but we share similar interests and he’s fantastic company, and I can dream a little can’t I?

And I have another girl-crush on my friend Y, I’d never tell her for fear of making her uncomfortable, and there really is nothing sexual about my crush on Y, but she’s one of the sweetest people I know and she’s gorgeous too… I think I can say it’s the kind of crush that gives me a kick if I can make her smile!

And I’ve also had lots of crushes over the years- on bosses, colleagues, friends, acquaintances… hell I’m nearly 34 I should hope I’d met someone I like a wee bit!

And since I’m confessing… ok sorta… I must admit that there are a few bloggers I have crushes on too… but I don’t want to link them ‘coz that’ll just be too embarrassing even for someone who craves and adores attention like I do!!

Edited to add that I forgot to admit to crushes on Bruce Willis, Jude Law, Christian Slater, Justin Timberlake, Leo di Caprio, Mark Wahlberg, Michael Madsen, Owen Wilson, Nicolas Cage… and I could go on and on and on and on!

6 thoughts on “I Realised Recently, That I Have A Crush… Several in Fact!

  1. mel: you’re more than welcome to steal the idea daaahling!

    katy katy katy : i think crushes are allowed… aren’t they?

    writeprocrastinator: whatever his style, he stole my heart yeeeeeeears ago!

    gin: oooh i just adore king robbie!

    spear: smirk i think marky mark and angelina are cut from very similar cloth… AND he’s tattooed!!! googling travis fimmel… he is yummy, but i much prefer dark hair…

    sweetass: nuh, she can keep brad, he’s cute- but she can have him…

  2. i have to admit that i’m too jealous of angelina to like her one bit…she has brad…ahhhh…how can one girl be that freaking lucky! old robby is hot hot hot…

  3. Every girl should have a crush on Angie Jolie, especially after any of the Tomb Raiders. It’s not wrong just completely unrealistic to even hope I could feel as yummy as that looks!

    Robbie is also the man!

    My friends friend always tells her husband that he should be more worried about the crush she has on me than ever on my husband!

    Crushes are great and remind us of the fact we are alive in this crazy little world hunh!

  4. Robbie for whatever reason, has yet to make an impact in The States. I don’t think we get his tongue-in-cheek style.

  5. totally get the Angelina girl crush she rocks. I have crushes too and I am happily married so I guess that makes it worse!

  6. I can so relate to a girl crush. Its not sexual but it sure feels like lurve! In fact this is great blog fodder so I might have to steal this idea. Naturally I will give you credit!

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