A Poem From A Grandmother To Her ADHDer Grandson

I really do have the most amazing family… my mommy darling emailed this to me yesterday and said I could share it with all of you… I had a big lump in my throat all day!


If I could only understand and see inside your head!

If I could simply grasp your thoughts and feel them in my hands –

The world is full of little words like ‘if’ and ‘sorry’ and ‘I promise’ ….

How do I see inside your mind and hold onto the bouncing ideas

that move faster than the speed of light in flashing colours and sounds?

You feel so very far away and yet, you are right here.

It seems there are worlds between us and yet, you are right here.

Then suddenly

there is a brilliant smile on your lovely face

and my soul leaps with joy!


you open the window just a little bit and we share a rainbow.

Your lovely brown eyes look into to my faded blue eyes,

heart to heart.

Mind to mind.

I treasure those instances.

There was harmony in you for a that moment.

If you and I could only see in your head all the potential,

the love, the kindness, the genius lying therein!

Would it be easier for you, my dearest adder?

If I could only understand and see inside your head!

If I could simply grasp your thoughts and feel them fluttering in my hands –

would it be easier for me, my dearest adder?

and for yet more insight into an incredible ADHDer brain, you must go and see what Tracy had to say-p she’s an ADHDer and a mom to ADHDers and she writes the most amazing poetry herself!

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13 Responses to A Poem From A Grandmother To Her ADHDer Grandson

  1. angel says:

    tracy: of course i don’t mind! i’ll be right over!

  2. ADD Tracy says:

    I hope you don’t mind Angel but I posted this poem on my page with a few of my thoughts.
    I put a link to your lovely page of course.

    What a beautiful testimony of her love for him.
    Beautiful, really, thank you.

  3. angel says:

    darla, katy katy katy, jenty, louisa, sweetass: isn’t it just…

    mel: we are very blessed aren’t we!

    s.s.n.: by all means! if i can help even a little i’ll be happy!

    terri: why thank you darling- i love it when you stop by!

    phats: when damien read it… he said in a monotone… “cool”! earth shattering quote for the future!

    kingcover: indeed, she adores all of them…

  4. Kingcover says:

    That’s definitely a granny that loves her grandson 🙂

  5. Phats says:

    That’s very sweet and touching what did Damien think of it?

  6. Terri says:

    Wow, that is lovely.
    I had a quick scroll down your page, btw, to see how much I’d missed (lots!) and I haven’t actually read much but can I just say… Nice rack!

  7. Sweetass RSA says:

    beautiful!!!…sniff… where’s the tissues!
    thank God for mom’s and for grandma’s…

  8. Louisa says:


  9. Jenty says:

    Awwww, it’s beautiful! Well done to your mom.

  10. Dino aka Katy says:

    wow that is a wonderful poem

  11. Sometimes Saintly Nick says:

    Wonderful. Thank you. I am passing it on to two college buddies who had ADHD grandchildren.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Love those granny people! Go GG!!

  13. Darla says:

    that is so sweet!