I couldn’t look at that image anymore!!!

Yes I am focussing… on ME!
I have simply decided I can do nothing about what’s been driving me barmy, so I am going to try and revert to the way things were a little over 48 hours ago…
Crisis averted, we return to normal programming now.

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12 Responses to Focussing…

  1. angel says:

    sweetass, shebee, nosjunkie, wenchy: its not going to be there much longer… i can’t take it anymore!
    and welcome shebee & nosjunkie! i am really scoring on the new visitor count lately- love it!

    fish: its a looong story…

  2. Fish says:

    What exactly is driving you barmy?

  3. Wenchy says:

    Ja! Headache to add to my sore throat. Dammit.

  4. Nosjunkie says:

    I have a headace now thank you for that pic 🙂

  5. SheBee says:

    Gosh. Well I hope your crisis didn’t involve any head injuries, as this image is a tad crappy I won’t lie 😉

  6. Sweetass RSA says:

    i was in a trance for 10 minutes… thanks very much!

  7. angel says:

    rabbit: so close your eyes!

    s.s.n.: indeed!

    simply curious: a new visitor- woohoo!! now why does that not suprise me!!?!

    e.c.: teehee…

    katy katy katy: and i don’t wanna look anymore!

  8. Dino aka Katy says:

    damn I got a headache now.

  9. Eternally Curious says:

    Turn that thing offffffff!!!

  10. Simply Curious says:

    I liked this so much, I saved it as me desktop image. 🙂

  11. Sometimes Saintly Nick says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That graphic is mesmerizing and crazy making.

  12. <b>Mr R Rabbit</b> says:

    Okay…I have a headache now…