Twelve Management Tips For ADHDer Families

This list was compiled by two professionals who treat AD/HDers… I’m so sorry, I don’t have their names! My mommy darling has this list stuck up in her house so she can remind herself every now and then… isn’t she amazing? I also have a list… well, several different ones actually… and I need to rotate them regularly so they catch my attention again. So here goes!


1.      Big Clock- Big Time

Most ADHDers have no concept of time and time management. This is an immense hurdle not only in school but in life. Use a big analog clock- one where you can visibly see time passing with the hands that move around the face- and kitchen timers work wonders for timed tasks like room tidying or studying…


2.      Be Fast With Praise

And be specific… thank your ADHDer for helping pick up the toys or for having such wonderful manners… not just foe “being good”. And if you only say congratulations later, they’ll have forgotten what they did that was worthy of praise!


3.      Praise, Praise And More Praise

They’re so often in trouble that they’re ALWAYS pleased when they’re praised


4.      Be A Slot Machine For Quick, Cheap, Kid-Valuable Goodies

New is interesting- no matter what it is!


5.      Change The Payoffs

Remember how quickly everything gets boring…


6.      Act Don’t Yak

Visual stimulation is much more interesting!


7.      Be Positive

Try to see the funny side of things…


8.      Like Scouts- Be Prepared

Keep extra stationery ‘coz your school going ADHDer will lose his,


9.      Keep A Disability In Mind

You need not point it out… but keep it in mind all the time, it can ease the frustration a little of repeated disasters


10.  Pick Your Battles, Make Them Few

I don’t fight with Damien anymore if he doesn’t bath/ wash his hair/ brush his teeth…


11.  Stop Pointing! Don’t Blame Self, Don’t Blame Child

It will not change anything will it?!


12.  Be Forgiving

Of yourself, of strangers who don’t know better, and of your ADHDer!

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  1. Thank you, Angel. I am emailing this to my two college chums who are the grandfathers of ADHD children.

    I also appreciate the insights the list provides to me for my own understanding of ADHD.

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