da Bruvva

…took me out last night!
He didn’t feel like staying home so at about 8pm he phoned me and asked if I didn’t feel like going out- and that he’d stick me to a beer. We ended up at a News Café that was very quiet and starting with a bloody Jaegermeister of all things, he proceeded to bribe the waitron to play all the Timbaland, JT and Wyclef Jean they could find. Great fun! And music + me = can’t sit still… so I spent most of the evening dancing next to our table.
I also had a Jaegermeister… horrible stuff… and too many beers! But it was great fun, and I kept my head and we went home instead of dancing.
Thanx bro, I needed that!

12 thoughts on “da Bruvva

  1. mr r rabbit: nuh… heh heh… its a south africanism!

    sweetass: eeuw…

    glugster: all the time!

    h.c.: thanx sweetie…

    p.p.: indeedy!

    gnat:gettin’ it” i like it!!!

    phats: no kidding!

    s.s.n.: and you’re so sweet!

    supermom: 😛

    blue momma: ;-`

  2. Sounds like you had fun. My sister would only invite me to church, never for a beer. I’m jealous.

  3. Here in Florida we have a term for what you did.

    “Gettin’ it!”


    Man, MiniMolli had about 3 crowns in her and they started to play some music next thing you know she is just gettin’ it!

    Gettin’ it gets a lot of the bad shit out of your system somehow. Honest.


  4. Like this lovely ice cream green for a bit of a change. Think u handled the doobie thing very well by the way. Well done Mama!

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