Our Weekend In Newcastle

On Friday afternoon I fetched Damien from school at noon and we set out for Newcastle. What should have been a four hour 335km road trip turned into 500km and six hours thanks to the rain and a cyanide spill on the highway!!!
I do so love driving, and my car goes like a rocket on a good long trip. And when Damien and I go on holiday our trip is part of it. There’s no rush and we stop often if we see something that looks interesting or worth photographing.
And Damien is the PERFECT co-pilot. He is fabulous conversation, handles the music, passes on the nibbly things and lights my cigarettes for me (yes, on a long car trip I like to smoke).
We got to Newcastle at 6pm Friday, and spent the evening unwinding with the friends we were visiting.
The next day we drove to the Talana Museum and spent the whole day there! The museum is huge and consists of a traditional walk through set of exhibits encompassing the Battle of Talana, a glass hall, a bead hall, and a coal mining exhibit. Then there’s a train and a rebuilt train station, a restaurant and pub where the stools are made of mining shovels and there are mining machines on display everywhere. Then there are refurbished houses and barns and workshops on the property that you can walk through and look at. Damien and T-bone could walk around as they pleased while Lulu and I took our time and ogled everything. The museum is well worth a visit, bunnies! We had a divine lunch in the miners rest and then drove back to Lulu’s for hotdogs and a movie with ice cream and Oreos for dessert. The boys were bushed as were we so we weren’t awake very long…
Then this morning we went and did a quick bit of shopping whilst the boys stayed home to draw and at noon Damien and I set off for home.
We made excellent time, getting home at 4:30pm after stopping a couple of times for the loo and to stretch our legs.
There are photos on my photo blog that I took and that Damien took! They’re not in any kind of order, although Damien’s pictures are all from the trip home.

7 thoughts on “Our Weekend In Newcastle

  1. cyanide spell wow that something you don’t hear everyday – glad to hear you had fun on your trip

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time!

    You both took fabulous pictures.Very interesting.

    I sure could go for a hot dog and some ice cream right now! Mmmmmmm!

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