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  1. Darn all of the good questions have been taken. LOL

    I hope I don’t repeat any:

    1.What’s your favorite color?
    2.What’s your favorite holiday?
    3.If you had only 1 wish what would it be?
    4.Why did you start blogging?
    5.What is your favorite place to shop?

  2. Hey Angel!!! First off, I hate that I haven’t popped by too much lately. I just LOVE all the sweet comments you leave me and I always love popping by here and seeing what’s going on in your life!!!

    Let’s see…as for questions:

    I always love to know what people’s “Favorites” are. Like–

    * Favorite music right now
    * Favorite place you’ve ever traveled
    * Favorite dessert

    And also…
    * How did you pick out Damien’s name (you’ve probably covered that before, but I probably missed it) I love baby names and “cool” names especially, so I’m just curious!

    Have a GREAT day!!!

  3. My question is …… where’s the pictures of the new tattoo??? Its Tuesday already!! I’m not known for my patience as you might have guessed!!

  4. Have you always lived in South Africa?

    I’ve never been to SA. Tell me the reasons I should visit, other than to see one of my favorite bloggers and her new tattoo.

  5. Why do people keep asking the stupid question “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?” It is clearly the egg. Have these people not heard of dinosaurs?

  6. Ummmm ummmm ummmm!
    Gosh I dont know I really dont know.
    I lll get back to you on this one.

  7. glug…you serious??…who knew…lol! i only asked 5 questions…i must admit your question is better…darn

  8. OK. I can be serious.

    What was your life like before blogging?

    What impact did blogging have on your life?


  9. Uh, I’ve got one. Did you ever think SweetAss would have so many questions?

    LOL. Just kidding!

  10. tough one, don’t want to ask personal stuff, cause you won’t really want to answer those…

    question 1: is angel your real name? yes or no is fine
    question 2: if you were in the position to, would you have more kids?
    question 3: if money was not a problem, how many tattoo’s would you get? and where?
    question 4: if you could jump on an aeroplane right now, where would you go? and why?
    question 5: if you had one wish, what would it be?

    i will stop at five, i can just go on and on and on…

  11. OK, Angel. But… I am not a “bunny”; I am a “wascally wabbit!”

    My question: May I presume that the “Damien’s Weekend Pictures” post on your Angel’s Photos blog were taken by Damien? In the answer is “yes,” please tell him for me that he is a great photographer (just like his mommy) and that I really enjoyed the photographs, especially the one of the train.

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