I Showed You Mine- Now Show Me Yours!

Thassaright bunnies- if you have ink, I wanna see it!
You can mail it to me or blog it- whatever you’d prefer- but I wanna see it!!!
Simply Curious Girl already posted pics of her new ink, but I believe she has more to display… hint hint…
I spose its a meme of sorts… but I really do wanna see them!

21 thoughts on “I Showed You Mine- Now Show Me Yours!

  1. I love new blogs to read! So we’ve both got something out of this jump eh? πŸ˜‰ lol.

  2. faerie: i did see a comment like that… can’t remember where!

    modified mummy: oh how i love new readers! i’ll be right there!!!

  3. I came here randomly from… somewhere. Damn, my sieve like memory reallly sucks doesn’t it?

    I have inkage, ivy growing up my leg, a moogle behind my ear, and the BME 5 rings logo on my foot. Dontcha hate the whole ‘no money = no ink’ deal. πŸ™


    Yay that you exist! I’m quite enjoying finding other modded parent blogger people πŸ™‚

  4. alright I guess I could strip for Grumpy and have him take a picture of it. I’ll post it tonight

  5. Like s.s.n, no ink on me – but plenty o’ wicked scars. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure Blogger would pull the plug on me if I posted ’em, tho!! Otherwise, you just gotta know I would! (^_^)

  6. They did. I seem to pick the most painful parts of my body. But I really wanted them there!

  7. louisa: no apologies necessary!

    tom: LOVE IT!

    cami: and i remain envious…

    s.c.g.: holy crap girl, those musta hurt like a mother trucker!

    p.p.: ;-P

  8. Let me try that again without sharing my photobucket with your readership…lol.

    I’m too hung over to post a real post on my blog, so let me post pics here.

    Gr. Fuck it. I don’t care. I can’t get the HTML to work the way I wanted, so I’m just gonna repost my last comment.

    This one, is behind my left ear.

    And these are not both my feet. The left foot is my sister’s and the right foot is mine. We got both eyes of Ra sort of to symbolize us being one in the same but complete opposites.

    And yes, I do have more ink but this is what I’m willing to show in a public forum. πŸ˜›

  9. glugster: weeellll, i feel it depends whether you want to display it or have it for you- you guys have seen mine, but few people have seen them “in the flesh”… my strawberry especially… you can literally put it ANYWHERE! close to the bone is the most painful- ankles, shoulderblades, fingers, toes…

    s.s.n.: by all means, LOL!

  10. No ink on me; however I do have a half dozen or so scars on my body from living an active life. Wanna see?

  11. glugster: ummm… for a first ink- avoid the oriental symbols, cartoons and names- unless they’re your kid’s names!

  12. I don’t have any yet, but have been thinking of getting some for a while now. Any suggestions?

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