16 thoughts on “These You Can Enlarge… If You Wanna

  1. mel: giggle i didn’t cry, but i moaned a lot…

    tom: thanx sweetie!

    faerie: giggle… ok!

    allan: does that mean i can come and see it?

    sweetass: blush

    katy katy katy: i’ve never taken part in that!

    writeprocrastinator: heh heh… why would he do that! i love my strawberry…

  2. I should really concentrate when I leave comments lol That NEW NEW NEW tattoo on your back is gorgeous. It must have taken them forever and a day to do that. I would have cried many a tear lol

  3. meherenow: i couldn’t wait to put pictures up- and i am ecstatic!

    s.s.n.: smirk… indeed!

    louisa: why thank you!

    mel: heh heh… i wanna see pics hey!

  4. Gorg! Painful too. Gary begging to do full sleeve now and half on the other arm. Considering the full depending on what he wants to do! U tat addicts you!

  5. Those photos do provide better detail of your, uh, art work than do the color ones. Wow! Lots of painful lines there.

  6. You’re lucky the photos are here! I was ready to give you a right telling off I was!!

    Anyway.WOW! Its stunning,looks painful but!!

    Are you pleased with it?

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