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horseback riding layouts myspace
is it normal to have a crush on psychologist
your brown eyes poem
adhd poetry
photos of badge bunnies
embarrassing punishments
how do you say thank you to the lord
for my friend
magnomen toys
horse cracked pelvis
travis fimmel has he ever been married?
dress for tonight
christians and blowjobs
baby gryphon
add a caption
goddaughter tattoo picss
poems for grandsons
grandson’s hands poem
difference happy pills antidepressants
my cat only squeaks
poems emotional idiots
what does a forklift license look like

17 thoughts on “Recent Searches…

  1. hahahaha! I LOVE seeing what people look for and then somehow landing up on my blog!

    “is it normal to have a crush on psychologist”

    “poems emotional idiots”

    “what does a forklift license look like”

    hehehehehe! Gave me good laugh!

  2. nosjunkie: what the hell are they?

    sweetass: why thank you, i aim to please…

    szarek: i asked a question… πŸ˜›

  3. LOL

    Angel you really know where to hit the spot…haha

    Christians and blowjobs…WTF

  4. my worst one recently was “boys to men”…eeeeeuhw…sicko!!

    ex-slut…mwhahahahahaha~! very entertaining angel! πŸ™‚

  5. lately all mine have to do with the correct size box for two ammaron subs so thats kinna boring

  6. luoisa: ooh yes- i love these lists!

    modified mummy: heh heh, you have a cat that can only squeak?

    katy katy katy: its fascinating and very funny!

    darla: πŸ˜› i’m so glad!

  7. badge bunnies, gryphons and christian blowjobs. ROFL. Angel you crack me up … but in a great way.

  8. Man! I wish I had some as interesting as this.

    I think the ‘my cat only squeaks’ made me giggle the most.

  9. Wow. What’s weird is not only the hits you get, but the searches people make.

  10. This is hillarious. I think I should go back through your archive to see just what you’ve been talking about!

    horse cracked pelvis?
    what does a forklift licence look like?


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