Mafia Party!

Last night was the year end function for the company I work for. We’re a small company, so we booked a few tables at a good restaurant and decided on a Mafia theme for the evening. We all get on really well, I think not working together in the same office every day plays a big part in that as we usually only se each other when we get together for a social event.
And an ex-colleague who is much liked by everyone was my suprise “date” for the evening too! It was wonderful, we had a fabulous time giggling and catching up!
I wanted to rent a fringed dress for the evening, but funds were short- so I just dressed out of my own cupboard… the hardest decision was which of my boas to wear… LOL!

Here’s me and my “date”…

and me in someone’s blonde wig!!!

12 thoughts on “Mafia Party!

  1. Looks like you had fun! And I love your eyes, they’re so prettyful! Of course, like others I’m envious of your collection of Boa’s. The only collection of anything I have is sex toys, lol. And they’re rapidly coming apart, lol.

  2. dyna girl: i fully intend to!!!

    sweetass: maybe i should go blonde for a bit?

    szarek (will): thanx dude!

  3. louisa: i have 5, white, grey, purple, purple and white and a black one… actually the black one has been sewn around the collar of a jacket ‘coz it took a bit of a hammering at various parties and started looking scruffy… and i wear them every chance i get- even going on a girls night out warrants a boa!

    allan: glad you like it!

    living bridget: thank you!!!

    preposterous ponderings: why thank you

    katy katy katy: it was indeed!

    glugster: nuh dude… and i was only blonde for about 5 minutes anyway…

  4. How many boas have you got?! I’m so jealous…I have only got a white one and I never get to wear it anywhere.

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