A Different Kind Of Sibling Rivalry

Thassaright bunnies!!!
Yesterday, Sister B, Sister C, da Bruvva and I- had our 6th annual sibling Christmas meal! Up till now it was a Sibling Supper, but this year we did a lunch instead.
See, we’ve always been close, and we spend a lot of time together- and what happens when siblings get married and move out and have kids and such is that it happens less often that you get to spend Christmas with all of them every year. So, 6 years ago, I asked my siblings if they would be interested in an annual meal in November or December- with just the four of us- to celebrate Christmas, reminisce, and perhaps exchange gifts or something. They thought it was a fabulous idea, and we’ve met every year since.
How it works is like this- I hosted the first one- and hence had to decorate a table and provide the meat dish. Second in age is sister B, who then provided the veggies. Next is sister C, who brought a salad, and da Bruvva- being the youngest of the four of us- provided the dessert. The following year, sister B played host and provided the meat dish, sister C did the veggies, da Bruvva a salad and me the dessert. And so we rotate every year.
This year sister B did a roast chicken, sister C did roast veggies, da Bruvva brought a calamari and oyster starter instead of a salad and I provided jelly and custard for dessert.
Sister B and I enjoyed a fabulous bottle of Kleinbosch Pinotage, da Bruvva drank MGD and sister C was on water (‘coz she’s back in the gym and working hard).
We giggled ourselves silly as always, sang along to music, reminisced a lot, and took pictures of us opening our gifts.
Now- about the gifts… this is where the rivalry comes in.
What we do is look for one gift- something we just know our siblings will hate! We try to find the most hideous, useless, kitsch, horrendous, kak thing we possibly can, then we wrap it up, and pull names out of a hat to see who gets whose. Whatever you get then has to go on display in your house- prominently- where anyone can see it for the following year, when it can then be replaced with the next one. And if the gift you get breaks, you have to put it back together- no excuses. The rivalry comes in because we have a floating trophy that we allocate every year to the sibling we reckon managed to find the most appropriate gift! This year, da Bruvva took the trophy for the first time!!!
Sister B hosted this year’s party, and as always went to loads of trouble to decorate her dinner table- it looked gawjiss!
And onto the gifts- da Bruvva found a pair of pink porcelain dogs, which sister B now has to put on display, da Bruvva got a lamp from sister B, I found a bowl full of semi-precious stones, which sister C now has, and I got a padded toilet seat and lid- with flowers on it!!!
As soon as I get the seat on I’ll post pictures…
Now please keep in mind bunnies- with regard to the gifts we give each other- we go to a lot of trouble to look for something we think we won’t like- if you see something you like please, please, please don’t take our Christmas gag as a personal affront to your taste!!!

Check out yesterday’s pictures on “angel’s photos”!!!

You can go and read the post from our 2005 Sibling Supper, with pictures from the evening here and here.
And you can find the post from 2006 on my blog too! I think there are pictures from 2006 in my Flickr account…

p.s. I’ve been having immense connection hassles so please forgive me for being scarce…

15 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of Sibling Rivalry

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  2. liara covert: YAY!!!
    a new visitor!!! welcome- welcome- make yourself at home!!!
    we don’t only have fun at christmas, but this gift ceremony is “special” LOL

  3. Being unconventional can clearly be very meaningful. It makes a lot of sense to demonstrate you appreciate people. This needen’t be reserved only for Xmastime.

  4. all-bunnies: it is HUGE fun, and we get quite carried away- shopping months in advance! and we check on each other regularly to make sure it hasn’t been stashed or “lost”!

  5. Hilarious! We just started a similar gift tradition with random birthdays and you mail it with a ‘fake’ tradition theme behind it. You all definitely take it to the next level. Love it!

  6. OMG that is hilarious!

    You guys would of had a field day in my grandparents house because it was full of gawdy stuff! LOL

  7. Awww,good timing. You neded a little lovin’. Thanks for letting me be a fly on the wall. xoxoxo

  8. What’s the name of that game? My family does it too, and I’ve worked in offices that did it. Secret Santa, or Kris Kringle or something…In any case, that’s pretty fuckin’ awesome…lol.

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