The Secret Of Dealing Successfully With A Child Is Not To Be Its Parent.*

Sheeeeez I dunno what it is with Damien but he doesn’t stop lying to me!

And half the time when I catch him he has no reason to lie!
The chocolate is a prime example!
The other morning, he told me he’d found his phone in MY bedroom when I knew it had been in the bathroom when he went to bed the night before.
Then one afternoon I get a call saying his lift dropped him at home ‘coz he wasn’t feeling well and he says he found my house keys in the passage outside #12’s door. I know I asked him to put them in my bag when we walked away from the house that morning and I think he made like he did so he could keep them and go straight home in stead of waiting at his lift’s for me till after work.
I ask him to do the cat’s litter boxes and he swears blind he already did them when it’s more than obvious he hasn’t!
He tells me he’s prepared his school bag for the next day- he hasn’t.
He tells me his school clothes are ready for the next day when I ask, but in the morning he’s looking for socks and/or shoes and/or a shirt!

*Mell Lazarus

13 thoughts on “The Secret Of Dealing Successfully With A Child Is Not To Be Its Parent.*

  1. Jesus Christ in a ballet tutu ..

    Just let him know, he is VERY lucky to be your child… I woulda hurt him by now.

    those kinds of lies make no sense….

    my precious P tried to just lean the story a certain way, but she didnt realize I knew the whole thing… the look in my eye as she was telling it her way made her back track it and say it clear and honest like. She was PISSED too!!!

  2. well all i can say is this:

    damien is the coolest kid!!

    i think he’s going through a fase, he prob finds it immensely rewarding doing this, for reasons we don’t understand. Chill and follow your gut hun, it’s the only way!

  3. When I was a kid, I had a lot of the same issues as your son does, with no real diagnosis. I lied about everything. I lied about simple things like brushing my teeth in the morning and washing my hands before dinner. I lied about stealing money out of my Mom’s purse to buy candy. I lied about leaving the stove on. I lied about not letting the water down in the bathtub. I really, truly could imagine up anything. Including a man trying to break into our house when I was home alone. I even called 911 and made banging noises on my window so they could hear them while I screamed…

    I want to say it’s a phase. It took me until adulthood to just keep it real and stop making shit up. I do agree with punishment, but beware of the punishments you choose, because it might just piss him off more and make things worse. I can only say that, coming from where I came from.

    You’re a good Mom, Angel, and you have more patience than a lot of mothers have in your situation. My Mom didn’t have the same amount of patience and I ended up living on my own from a very young age. He’s lucky to have you there for him.


  4. It’s so true. The kids in my class are always better at school than they are at home.I tell their parents about their shining attitudes and accomplishments and they look at me like the liar! Hang in there, baby!

  5. Give him a punishment each time he lies to you.

    The cat box for instance,if you know for a fact he hasn’t cleaned it then don’t just let it go. Even if you have to stand by his side still make him do it.

  6. Is that what I can expect from Punkin in a few years? If so I better start preparing now….

    I hope I handle it all as well as you do!

  7. If The Pickle turns out to be a Damien, I’ll have these blogs to refer to, you’re a wonderful parent! At least you don’t let these things faze you.

  8. Makes you wonder what else he is lying about. At least his lies are currently pretty harmless.

    Here. I’ve just sent you some strength. Sounds like you need it.

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