Damien And I…

… had family portraits done on Sunday!!!
We had such fun- I haven’t had nice pics of Damien and I for years ‘coz I’m always behind the camera!
da Bruvva took these for us- thanx bro!!!

ooh- and I’ve lost almost 42 pounds (19kg)!!!

29 thoughts on “Damien And I…

  1. Wow, Angel Baby, you look HOT!!!

    These pix are great of you and Damien, congrats on your losing weight and he’s a handsome kid.

  2. katy katy katy: thanx girl!

    s e e quine: teehee, damien usually has a good tan- he got his father’s skin thank goodness- but i avoid the sun girl, i go lobster red, score me a few more freckles, and then peel!!!

  3. ` Awsum pics. Wun thing, tho….

    ` How did you guys get so pasty?! You live in Africa, right? I thought that was a sunny continent….

  4. BTW – You have a really great smile. Very addictive. Each time I see these pictures, I can’t help but smile myself! 🙂

  5. camikaos: thank you thank you!

    sometimes saintly nick: aren’t they just :d

    terri: thanx girl!!

    preposterous ponderings: thank you so much!

    louisa: :d

    darla: yes he does, thank you!

    dawn: love you too budvo! xxx

    dyna girl: wow- thanx!!!

    living bridget: ~~grin~~

    mel: i love them too!

    jenty: thanx!!!

    glugster: thanx!

    sweetass: ag thanx tjomma!!! so post them!

    nosjunkie: thank you! he goes to a private academy that is not at all worried bout the kids looks and dress as long as they’re in the school golf shirt! they focus on behaviour and performance rather and the kids love it! it costs me an arm and a leg- but its so worth it!
    how weird is that- my boy has a doppelganger!!!

    szarek (will): mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa… if he likes weed he sure ain’t gonna admit it to me- though i know he’s tried it! and my boy is waaaaaaaaay smart dude!!!

    anelle: he is isn’t he ? thanx!

    shebee: bowing… waving…

    meherenow: thank you so much!

    preposterous ponderings & living bridget & glugster: i’ll post about how i did it- the comment was getting a tad long… teehee


    ANgel fab pics….Damien is damn scary…in a good way…I mean he looks like my best friends twin…REALLY…its damn scary…Question…Does damien like weed? I know he enjoys lanning and if he likes weed i swear he is my friend….And Damien must be smart….cos my friend is damn smart

  7. nice pitures hunny
    Damien looks so much like Wills friend its scary
    I need to know what school he goes to that lets him grow his hair like that.
    I need to know these things so I know where to send my kids some day

  8. you should have been a model babe, hauling out those poses out like it’s nobody’s business! i am impressed 😉

    the legend that is damien, one cool kid i tell you!

    you’re tempting me to post my pics too!!!!

  9. Share, share , share, how on earth you lost 19kg!! I sooo need too lose a few.

    Your son looks beautiful, the little rock star! You guys look good together.

  10. I absolutely love the third one down – I swear, you and D look like bruvva and sister more than mom and son – so cool!! And excuse me, how dare you get so skinny without me … it reminded me of your surgery and the fact I NEVER think of asking how you are after that … duh … thin!!! I need you to visit me please to enhance this message. Love You. p.s. totally working away on all the other stuff – working hard – I promise! Love You xxx

  11. Well look how cute you two are!Awesome pictures!

    Please tell me how you lost 42 pounds? I could stand to lose a few.


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