How Do You Know The “Silly Season” Is Upon Us?

Well bunnies, I’ll tell you!

It’s partly to do with the fact that the first Christmas related advert was on TV at the beginning of October already. Something about fruit cake mix I think… can’t stand the stuff myself.

Another HUUUGE hint is the light-up-wreath bedecked shopping malls; and the radio stations blathering on charity drives and fund raisers and collecting gifts for under privileged kids; and then there are the Christmas craft markets that suddenly cover every free inch of lawn in every park you drive past.

And let’s not even mention the “THIS IS YOUR FIRST CHRISTMAS CARD” emails…

But the biggest clue?

Damien leaves on Saturday lunch time to spend a week or so with J again… and I already have plans for Saturday, maybe Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night!!! And I have work to do inbetween!!!

Shite bunnies… I’m looking forward to a busy week- but can you guess what the first thing I worried about as my calendar filled up was…?

When the fork am I going to hang out in blogland!!?!?!?



11 thoughts on “How Do You Know The “Silly Season” Is Upon Us?

  1. louisa: woah- you have money to shop for christmas now??!?

    szarek (will): aaaw, thanx dude! i’ll make a plan i promise!

  2. AHHHH that sux…you better make a plan woman ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe just kidding..

    No seriously we gona miss you

  3. Silly season…eeep! Soon you won’t be able to go to any malls without risking being trampled by stampedes!

    *Note to self*: Finish gift shopping THIS weekend!

  4. glugster: always dude! always!

    sweetass: well, between 3 & 6 am should cover that… ๐Ÿ˜€

    jenty: annoying innit- specially when it interferes with my electronic social life!

    s.s.n.: i think i’m still young enough to enjoy the feeling!

    n.s.n.m.o.t.b.: i’m waiting for you to tell me what i’m doing on saturday tjomma!!!

  5. Talk about hectic!!! Hey what you doing on Saturday?????…………

  6. There is something unique about being elderly and retired; I donโ€™t feel the least bit rushed!

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