Its NSNMOTB’s Birthday!!!

Yup!!! My Bestest Best Friend is having a birthday!!!

Get Your Own!

We had a fantabulous party last night for Gen’s birthday- lamb on the spit and some awesome salads as only NSNMOTB knows how to make!
Aaaaaand then I made quite an entrance bunnies…! I know I like to be the centre of attention- but not this way!!!
On arriving, I had my bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon in one hand and my wine glass in the other hand and made my way outside to find a corkscrew… completely not seeing the step leading from the covered verandah to the brick-paved pool area.
I went down FAST- trying to keep my feet as I stumbled, going down on my left knee, HARD, scraping my hand on the bricks and smashing my wine glass!
I somehow managed to get myself onto my backside from there- without injuring my bottle of wine in the least- and promptly sat in a puddle on the bricks that the kids had made while swimming! I had a damp backside pretty much all night!
And now my knee is swollen and I’m limping and feeling sorry for myself- though it’s not blue yet…
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9 Responses to Its NSNMOTB’s Birthday!!!

  1. angel says:

    n.s.n.m.o.t.b.: ja- thank goodness you didn’t have your camera- especially with you and the action shots!!!
    love you madly tjomma!!!

  2. the not so "new" mom on the blog says:

    The cake is stunning! Hope your knee feels better real soon and thanks for being at the party!!! (you can be so lucky I had not yet un packed my camera)!!!

    Love you madly bye!

  3. sweetass RSA says:

    NSNMOTB…wtf??? πŸ™‚

    i can just imagine you on your arse balancing that bottle of wine giggling a mile a minute!!!

  4. angel says:

    rrramone: must check it out! dunno how i missed it…

    s.c.g.: MWA

    p.p.: i’ll tell her!

    jenty: πŸ˜€ i have my priorities you know…

    mr r rabbit:there’s that, and thanx…

  5. <b>Mr R Rabbit</b> says:

    I just winced in sympathy, but at least you didn’t spill your wine.

  6. Jenty says:

    Love the cake!
    Well done for not breaking the wine bottle πŸ˜‰

  7. Preposterous Ponderings says:

    Happy Birthday Gen!

  8. Simply Curious says:

    Aww. How sweet!

  9. Rrramone says:

    Yes, I was in SA last October and I did post about it (check the archives). πŸ™‚ The most magical place ever.