So Are You Sitting Down?

I finally finished my second 10 things meme! Anyone remember how I was tagged with two memes listing ten things by Christina, over at Solo Mother… like AAAGES ago? This was the second one, “Ten Things I Like About Myself”… it was an immensely difficult meme to complete, but I saw it as a challenge.

And frankly I’ve been ignoring it for a while thinking maybe the rest of the list would magically fill itself in… but initially I started with the physical traits I like about myself. The easy ones, the things I see and like when I look in the mirror. That took care of the first four items within about 5 minutes. Sheez that sounds so vain!

Anyhoodle, the rest of the list took ages!
1. I often get compliments about my eyes, and I know how to do my make up too…
2. I have great legs; I look good in short skirts… provided I wear tights or stockings as my skin is white as snow.
3. Most days, I can literally wake up and without doing anything to my hair it will look great- I get away with a lot because of my curls… I can even sleep with a towel wrapped round wet hair and wake up with it looking fabulous!
4. I dislike my teeth intently, but I have lovely lips.
5. I am highly intelligent; I can learn and teach myself to do anything I put my mind to. I try not to brag about it, but I keep it in mind for myself and my own ego.
6. I love how fast my hair grows! I have had so many hairstyles because I’m not at all worried about hacking it all off with an electric razor if I’m in the mood- I know that within a year it’ll be on my shoulders again!
7. I love how fast my nails grow… a millimetre a week on average! I’ve never had false nails and I’ve never bitten them- and I was always in trouble at school for having too long nails (the school rules said they weren’t allowed to show over the top of your finger if you held your hands up).
8. I am very good at public speaking. I can connect with my audience, and I prepare in advance for the type of crowd I am expecting. I can also tailor my presentation a little to fit the type of audience I have in front of me.
9. I think I am pretty good at writing… fiction that is… I still need a hella lot of practice, but I’m not too bad at it and people like to read it most of the time.
10. I know enough about bikes and cars to be able to hold my own in a conversation- and I like that very much.

Feel free to challenge yourselves if you have nothing better to do…

9 thoughts on “So Are You Sitting Down?

  1. You do have gorgeous lips…

    And reading these 10 things, it’s great to see you rejoicing in yourself and who you are.


  2. mel: aaww… hugs!

    m@: “us people” eh… 😀
    YAY! you accepted- right friend! you are now instantly elevated to the status of “daily read”!

  3. Hey Friend,

    I can’t believe how many of “you people” speak English. 🙂

    Good at public speaking, eh? That’s something I’m working on. I need to take beta blockers or something.

  4. I too am impressed, at the moment I feel so ugly and zitty I just can’t do a like me list. I have a flippin’ unicorn between my eyes, keepiong my sunnies on!
    Spotty Mel

  5. p.p.: i’ll try 😀

    s.c.g.: squeeeeeaalll!!! i’ll be right over!!!

    l.b.: this list has taken me MONTHS!!!

  6. sigh, the hair. I would give a lot to not have mad hair I have to spend tons of money on. I’m impressed you can come with this list. Whenever I try I always get stuck on about 2!

  7. I could never do this because I don’t like much about myself. *sigh*

    It sure sounds like you have a lot going for yourself. Make sure you use it all to your advantage! :o)

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