I’m limping a LOT less than I was on Saturday night- though my knee still hurts like a bitch!
Funny enough though – its still not blue- and i usually bruise so easily that I get in the bath and wonder where the newest ones came from! But it is very very tender bunnies…

And thanx for having me over last night Sweetass! The vino and the G&T VERY definitely helped ease the pain… LOL!!!

13 thoughts on “Quickie…

  1. living bridget: oh you are so right! saturday and sunday’s bottles did me a world of good!

    szarek (will): šŸ˜€

    katy katy katy: its a little tender- but i’m not limping anymore!

  2. I keep sating this, medicinal purposes of vino SHOULD NEVER be underestimated. It’s the new Robitissun.

    Get better hun šŸ™‚

  3. glugster: aw sorry glugs… not

    sweetass: no worries girl, boys do say all sorts of things to embarrass their moms!

    szarek (will): i dunno if scars on a girl are as sexy as scars on a guy will!

    p.p.: teehee, nothing exciting… i fell on saturday? i did tell you guys… and its bruised today! 4 days later!!!

    darla: do what again? fall!?!!? are you crazy!!!

  4. LOL did your son actually ask that Sweetass?

    Well bruises are cool…remember the oppisite sex always DIG scars

  5. pleasure, really enjoyed myself!!

    i do humbly apologise for my son asking you when you will be going home… lol!… oy…the things they come up with!!

  6. As if Faerie’s quicky wasn’t enough, you go and do one too. My heart can’t take it…….

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