I Got Blog Bling!!! I Got Blog Bling!!! Na Na Na Na Naaaaa Na!!!

Sweetass awarded me this Totally AbFab blogger-ward button- and I just LOVE how well she knows me!!! This is what she said:
honey you are one in a million, i think there is no doubt in my mind how you pj’s look… you don’t wear any! i think i should buy you some flannels for xmas! in the odd case where you do wear some pj’s i’m convinced it shall not be the conventional type what~so~eva!!
And now I’m spreading the blogger love by awarding the same button to the following bloggers:

First up- Cami Kaos from Mommified Me! I reckon she sleeps in a T-shirt and knickers… but I also think she’d inspire some cute red and white, fur trimmed baby-doll pyjamas!!!

Mr Rampant Rabbit so totally gets one… Dude! I have no doubt whatsoever that you sleep in the nude- and any pyjamas you inspire would include leather or electrical tape and buckles… at least!

And Phats gets one too! There’s no way this dude’s pyjamas- if he wears them- have anything on them besides football- preferably black and gold ones!!! BOILER UP dude!!!

Last but not least- Tattooed Mama definitely deserves one of these!!!
This uber-fab mom’s pyjama inspiration would DEFINITELY include at least one cupcake somewhere…
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3 Responses to I Got Blog Bling!!! I Got Blog Bling!!! Na Na Na Na Naaaaa Na!!!

  1. angel says:

    cami kaos: 😀

    phats: no worries dude, i know you have!

  2. Phats says:

    HA! I love this that’s freaking awesome

    Sorry I haven’t stopped by sooner I have been incredibly busy with the end of semester 🙁 I will come by more often I promise


  3. CamiKaos says:

    tee hee heee…

    this deserves it’s own blog post, I’ll put it up tomorrow.