When Bloggers Say Goodbye…

You know bunnies, it’s really odd to me- even now still- how much we creep into each other’s lives and hearts here in the blogosphere. And it truly never ceases to amaze me how heart sore and sad it can make me when a blogger I have been reading for a while decides to close up shop and move back into their real life on a full time basis.

One such blogger is Aljaž, who has been keeping a lot of bloggers entertained and a lot of women drooling over on his blog, Fishizem.

Fish has decided he has shared too much and he’s going to stop blogging. He may return, with more anonymity, on another blog… and I hope that if he does he’ll let me know…

So Fish, dude, I am going to miss you. I consider you a friend of mine, even though we only know each other in cyberspace.

You are SO entitled to what you want in your life- and I hope you find a way to make your dreams come true.

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17 Responses to When Bloggers Say Goodbye…

  1. sweetass RSA says:

    oh fish i even deleted you off my fav list this morning, that sucked big time, i’ll miss you dude!!

  2. angel says:

    s.c.g.: makes sense i spose…

    nosjunkie: inneejust?!

  3. Nosjunkie says:

    Its really so sad he’s cool in that scary kina way

  4. Simply Curious says:

    In my case, it was easier just to shut it down. It’s nice to be able to start fresh sometimes.

  5. angel says:

    w.w.: so far so good… 😛

    s.c.g.: shudder dunno if i could so that, wouldn’t it be easier to make it private than to delete it…?

  6. Simply Curious says:

    I have to say, I used to have another blog, and I made so many great online friends through it. One night, while checking my ip tracker thing, I noticed a bunch of people I knew had found it and were reading it, as well as commenting and it just wasn’t fun anymore. It’s hard to shut a blog down. It’s even harder to delete everything you’ve written over time. I remember that feeling of *click* January. Gone. *click* February. Gone. You watch all these months of your life just slip away.

  7. Within Without says:

    People come and go and they’re high and low, Angel, although you seem pretty consistent.

    I’m sorry to see your buddy go.

  8. angel says:

    m@: luckily for me, most of the bloggers who have shuttered have come back at some stage, AND let me know about it… but i don’t wonder.

    h.e.: he is a natural, and will be missed… teehee, you’re a scream as always dude!

  9. homo escapeons says:

    We have met and I think that he is a natural..maybe he just needs a break and a revamp like I did..starting over is fantastisch!

    I like the general quality of the people out here..they are more cerebral..more open…way funnier..creative..pfft why am I telling you this!

    If it is meant to be he will return..
    ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  10. M@ says:

    I hate turnover. I always wonder….

  11. angel says:

    living bridget: innit…?!?!

  12. Living Bridget says:

    Jesus! That is scary!!!

  13. angel says:

    p.p.: it happens, sometimes its sadder than others, but it happens…

  14. Preposterous Ponderings says:

    Very sad indeed!

    I hope the blogs I frequent never close up shop.I’d be devastated!

  15. angel says:

    fish: 😉

    living bridget: blogging is indeed an extension of our lives, and fish’s “hate mail” usually comes in the form of real live people at his front door…

  16. Living Bridget says:

    Why do the lives have to be different? Isn’t blogging an extension of you real life? Anyway, I’ve had to close up shop and move as well once, but that was because I was getting too much hate mail.

  17. Fish says:

    you know… if I could… knew how to… I’d cry
    thanks Angel