You Totally Blow My Mind!

Following the current trend to give bloggerwards to fellow bloggers- I have also gone and designed my own bloggerward button!!! I’ll be handing out seven at a time, sporadically (read: when the fancy takes me), to bloggers who have indeed blown my mind- and there are a few who do so on a regular basis- And I’m doing 7 at a time because it’s my favourite number!
I’ll be giving my button to old and new reads too!
My first seven nominees are, in no particular order (drum roll while I tear the envelope open):

Within Without
Doula Mel

19 thoughts on “You Totally Blow My Mind!

  1. btw m@ … you are right. just sayin’

    angel… PLEASE do not start the blingee trend here.

  2. n.s.n.m.o.t.b.: mwa

    s.s.n.: :d

    dyna girl: mwaaahaahahahaaaa… you’re a scream doll

    p.p.: :d
    congratulations to the lucky 7!

    m@: teehee… maybe we should have separate pages for them?

    tattooed mama: hellooo!

    valley girl: :p

    mel: teehee… sisterly love…

    a.m.: okay…

    terri: i still love you terri!

    allan: ha! me too!

    kingcover: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaa…

    phats: thanx dude!

    w.w.: mwa! i seldom remember mine dude- which i why i live vicariously through others!

    nosjunkie: :d

    shebee: blushing furiously

  3. ooooooh very niceeeeeeeee.

    that makes your deleted comment on my blog make a bit more sense now! lol

  4. Aw garsh and shucks, Angel Girl, thank you…your button now adorns my sidebar, with gratitude.

    I would never call you a comment slut, but you sure are dedicated and consistent, where I am not…

    What if I don’t remember my dreams? That probably makes me emotionally unaware or something…

  5. You can tell us all in confidence Angel …… you only gave a button to NMOTB because she slipped you R20 in a napkin whilst you were at her b’day party last weekend. She’s a cheap skate isn’t she?!?! 😉

  6. Aw thanks, you’re an, er, Angel 😉
    I’m sure the next one I receive will be a ‘least likely to blog’ award..!

  7. Yay, thanks angel-pie.
    If ever I figure out how to link on my blog, you will get the 1st award.
    Will make Tertia do some more blog chores actually.

  8. Omg, these are making it absolutely impossible for anyone w/ less than a cable connection to load our pages!

  9. Aw thanks, you are just the sweetest!!!!!!!! I am honoured to be among the first 7 to receive this new award – Thanks BUDDO!

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