Its Donn’s Fiftieth Birthday!!!

Hey Bunnies!!!
is FIFTY today!!!
I was going to put up a picture of some sort… but it took me a while to find one he hadn’t already used on his own birthday post!!!
If you’ve never visited him- you’re sorely missing out!
His outlook on the world is funny and insightful and when he threatened a while ago to stop blogging I was very upset indeed…
but he came back and even though he now blogs only on weekends, he’s no less astute than when he blogged everyday… teehee…
Dude, I think you’re awesome, and the blogosphere is a more enlightened place with you contributing to it!!!
Have an AWESOME birthday, and here’s wishing you many
and even

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7 Responses to Its Donn’s Fiftieth Birthday!!!

  1. angel says:

    s.s.n.: teehee, which one?

    allan: awesome comment allan!

  2. Allan says:

    That dude is cooler than a roomful of guitars- and that is cool.

  3. Sometimes Saintly Nick says:

    Happy Birthday, Donn! I believe that I see my first guitar in that photo.

  4. angel says:

    h.e.: aaawww… sniffle you deserve it dude! love your work!

    p.p. & louisa: MWA

  5. Louisa says:

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Preposterous Ponderings says:

    Happy Birthday Donn!

  7. homo escapeons says:

    OMG you are way too sweet to donate space to congratulate little old moi!
    Great day in the morning you really are one of a kind.
    Thanks XXX OOOO