Oh For Once, Just Once, Can I Please Have Boredom…

Damien has been on holiday for 2 weeks already.
Today the third day of the school holidays that he spent home alone… day one was last Thursday, day two last Friday, and then today.
Remember he was away with his buddy J till I fetched him last Wednesday after work?
So this afternoon at about 2pm, I get a phone call.
My caller ID says it’s my landlady.
Now pay attention- my landlady phones me exactly once a year- when my rent is die to increase to make sure I don’t forget it’s going up and to make sure I’m okay with the increase. If she calls me outside of that one phone call, its either because she wants to paint (7 years ago last), take out the carpets (8 years ago) or replace the TV aerial (earlier this year). Or its because my neighbours have complained about something. I have lived in my flat for just over 12 years and I can count on one hand the number of times my neighbours have had legitimate complaints about myself and Damien.
This was one of those times…
It seems the knucklehead didn’t sleep very late, made some breakfast, played some PS2… and in the process of tidying his bedroom found a bottle with- and I quote Damien here- “some stuff in it”, set it alight, and threw it over the passage wall outside our front door into the visitors parking lot!
There were thankfully no cars in the parking lot- but there were some kids playing down there and he scared the bejeebers outta them!
Thankfully no-one got hurt and there were no cars downstairs.
As a result of throwing the makeshift Molotov cocktail, he had a screaming row with the caretaker slash gardener dude (and I know that despite Damien’s protestations that he did yell and probably swear too) about cleaning up the mess he made.
When my landlady called me she was literally on her way to the complex, so I packed up my laptop as fast as I could and told my boss I had Damien drama and raced to beat her to the flats!
I got there maybe two minutes before she did, and Damien met me downstairs. I tried to get him to tell me what had happened, but in true Damien style he had no idea why he’d set fire to the contents of the bottle let alone thrown it over the wall into the parking lot!!!
My landlady stood and lectured Damien (she’s a teacher) and I just stood there… I didn’t know what to say to her. I don’t think I’ve ever told her Damien is an ADHDer- but this is my landlady! If she decides she’s had enough she can give me notice, and I SO cannot afford to move… so it’ll prolly mean moving in with my folks or something equally
Then off we went to the hardware store for some paint stripped and a brush or something to clean the unidentifiable gunk off the tar of the parking lot, which he spent a good hour or so doing, with the parents of the one girl involved heckling him and making nasty comments all the while.
Now my darling Damien has locked himself in his bedroom and is stomping around and throwing things because I will now not allow him to stay home alone. Tomorrow he will be going to work with mommy darling, whose bosses are all on holiday and she says she can keep him busy.
His newest argument?
That it’s a violation of his rights for me not to let him stay home alone!

11 thoughts on “Oh For Once, Just Once, Can I Please Have Boredom…

  1. OMW! When I read things like this, I’m really grateful my boys are still young, and then I realise they’ll get there too! Oh help.

  2. sweetass: he’s at work with my mommy darling, i can’t bring him to work with me as i work at my client’s offices… 🙁

    terri: thanx sweetness

    p.p.: my happy pills help immensely doll… dunno what i’d so without them!

    yellowdog granny: thanx doll

    m@: i wish damien would learn dude… he’s not fargin 10!!!

    w.w.: :-*

    louisa: teehee

    today you are dino: i’ll be over to read that tonight!!!

    bridget: mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa… thanx b!

  3. Tsk tsk Angel! Violating the little arsonist’s rights on International Human Rights Day too? Kids are a headache … but I love the way you seem to be handling this. keep him on a leash, make him file stuff and keep him away from chartrooms! Hee hee!

  4. oh man I am sorry I hope she wont make you move – this definitely beats my night of a arrest of the guy sitting next to me and the DA and FBI agents having a screaming match in the parking lot of the restaurant -see my latest post.

  5. Oh my word! angel, they should stick a picture of you next to the word “patience” in every dictionary.


  6. He is testing, testing, testing…how far can he go, what can he get away with…

    You stick to it, Dudette. He needs limits set, and you’re his limit-setter. Good on you, Baby.

  7. I once threw a smoke bomb into the bed of a passing truck while attending a county fair one summer. The man stopped his truck and yelled and we ran. As a ten-year old boy, it didn’t occur to me that such an incendiary device could ignite gasoline spilled from a can in the truck, causing an explosion or fire.

    Live and learn!

  8. I liked to remind my kids when they were young that they had no rights..unless I gave them to them..I was the law..don’t like it…get your shit together, behave yourself and then maybe you can earn some rights…
    I feel for ya kiddo…being a parent of a teenager bites, blows and sucks…good luck..

  9. Angel, bless your heart, you really don’t have it easy… for what it’s worth, I think Damien is really lucky to have you as his Mom. And I suspect he knows that, too… even though he drives you mad sometimes.

  10. oh my word angel! never a dull moment hey!??? sheesh…that’s quite hectic… i would just love to hear what he get’s up to at work with you!!!

    remember…this too shall pass!


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