Smacking Forehead Here!

With all yesterday’s drama I completely forgot I wanted to tell you about my weekend!
I went out Friday night with a colleague and some of her friends- got well torched on too many shooters… and decided to leave when I could no longer see properly!
BAD Angel! BAD! BAD!
Thank goodness I didn’t have far to drive…
Then Saturday I snoozed in the afternoon, after driving to see Damien’s doctor for our monthly appointment with eyes so bloodshot they were practically glowing! No hangover though, phew. I did spend some time checking on my text messages in the morning as I’d had a conversation or two the night before and I wanted to make sure I hadn’t sent something I may regret when sober… I didn’t- and breathed a huge sigh of relief!
Then Sunday afternoon, Damien and I took ourselves off to
Sweetass’ for the afternoon! What an awesome chick bunnies! I schmaak her schtukkend* I tell you! She’s excellent company, and the boys seem to get on which is always a bonus! We giggle and chat and drink and before I know it I’ve been at her place for HOURS!! And believe it or not- we don’t ONLY talk about blogging!
Damien and K even discussed their mother’s online chat habits amongst themselves and both promptly told me that
a. I spend too much time online (ROTFL- BIG surprise) and that
b. Online chatting is dangerous because we never know who we’re talking to!!!
Aren’t our boys awesome bunnies? Worrying about their mommy’s like that!!!
So I leave you this morning with a picture that is pretty much the embodiment of an afternoon with Sweetass…

Don’t you just love it!!!?!?!

*a completely untranslatable Afrikaans saying

12 thoughts on “Smacking Forehead Here!

  1. I used to wake up from alcoholic blackouts and find my credit card on the keyboard…”oh $#!&!”, I would think…

  2. sweetass: MWA

    bridget: ooer… *me looking down in embarrassment* its cheap and nasty but oh so yummy!!!

  3. you sweet thang you! it was quite a lovely afternoon wasn’t it!!! i smaak you stukkend too girl, you totally rock! our boys are quite funny… LOL

  4. Mmmmm. Got a lecture from the kidlets have you? Who on earth have you been chatting to?!?!?

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