Glugster To The Rescue!!!

You all know by now that I was in a pretty shirty mood yesterday after having my plans cancelled for me… and despite having a not-so-good day himself, the inimitable Glugster actually asked if there was anything he could do! Is that not the coolest!?

So last night- we met at a restaurant near me (yup, he drove all the way to me) and we ate and talked the night away! Bunnies, the food was tan-FASTIC and the company was better!!!

And the next thing I knew we were the last people in the restaurant and it was after 11, and all the waitrons were patiently doing what they do best (i.e. waiting) at the door for Glug and I to decide we were going home!!!


Glug, thank you so much for spoiling me so, it made my week!!

19 thoughts on “Glugster To The Rescue!!!

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  2. aah that is so nice of glugs.
    shivelry is not dead. Will wanted to know what shivilry ment and look I had the chance to use it

  3. s.s.n.: ;P

    yellowdog: oh i know!

    m@: me too! haven’t done it in years!

    sweetass: yes indeedy!

  4. Friends are good
    Friends are great
    Friends buy you food
    Friends are your mates.

    Friends have your back
    Friends stand beside you
    Friends can’t help but look at your rack (snicker)
    Friends, oh boy do they roo (rule).


  5. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it;-)

    guys like being a hero
    girls like being spoilt
    voila! instant success;-)

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