I’m Exhausted…

We finally had “the talk” with my folks tonight… the talk I’ve been dreading and hoping would just never happen if I ignored it long enough.

Now I’m down half a box of tissues and about a litre of body fluid…

I am so very tired of all this… I wanna curl up and sleep for a year… I could quite happily become a hermit- a shut in- living and working online… Damien is unhappy. My parents are unhappy. I am unhappy.

Oh, and I’ve cancelled Christmas until I can convince myself I will enjoy it.

13 thoughts on “I’m Exhausted…

  1. louisa: thanx sweetness, i appreciate it!

    yellowdog granny: mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaa

    gin: when i posted this i didn’t want to do anything for damien, teehee!!

    m@: could be dude, could be…

    writeprocrastinator: i’m gonna try dude, i’m gonna try!

    jenty: thanx for the hugs…

    justin: my mom is away with her mom and family, and my daddy darling may well be joining me!

    szarek (will): i try not to let it get to me dude… but this one hurt bug time!

    meherenow: aaaww thanx sweetness… but “the talk” was deserved and earned

    s.s.n.: ’tis indeed!

    allan: fork the calendar indeed!

  2. “Oh, and I’ve cancelled Christmas until I can convince myself I will enjoy it.”

    Technically, this would be called a
    ‘postponement’, not a cancellation…save it for better times. There WILL be better times! Fork the calender, just enjoy when you can.

  3. OK I missed something …. what talk?

    I don’t like that you’re sad,it makes me sad.Isn’t it funny how protective you can feel about people you’ve never met?! Or is that just me??!!

    Anyway,don’t cancel Christmas even if you just scale it down and “close ranks” as I call it and just have you and Damien.It might be good for you both just to be close and alone? I don’t know just an idea.

    Big hugs and lots of love and best wishes from a bloody freezing UK!


  4. I DO NOT mean to be rude…but fork (as you would put it) that…you can not allow this to get to you that mach…

    Yes it is a big thing, but do NOT cancel X-mas…X-mas is happy time and from what this sounds like you need happy time…Sorry ofr the troubles

  5. So is it going to be Xmas without your Dad and Mum, or have you all made peace?

    Take care of yourself.

  6. Don’t cancel Christmas, it will only make things worse. It is the best holiday in the world to rebound, allow yourself that and the chance to make things better through that day.

  7. Ahh! Big ::hug:: to you! And I agree with granny … you don’t have the power to cancel Christmas! Do it for Damien!

  8. Oi!
    I’m sorry – but you don’t get to cancel Christmas angel…

    I’m so sorry you’re having a rough time at the moment, especially at this time of the year too – but just hang in there – you’ll get through it, and so will your family.

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