A Christmas Meme

Darla tagged me for Christmas… maybe this will put me more in the mood than I am or have been!?!!

Okay I know- I’m not completing my tags in any kind of order- don’t hate me okay!!!!!


1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Either… I don’t mind, though they usually all look the same when I’m finished- colour coded and such!

2. Real tree or Artificial? Always artificial… makes less mess, LOL!

3. When do you put up the tree? Used to be December 1st coz Damien couldn’t wait! Now it’s whenever I feel like I may enjoy Christmas…

4. When do you take the tree down? Just after New Year, but I always manage to leave one decoration out till about March!

5. Do you like egg nog? I have never tasted it…

6a. Favorite gift received as a child? I can’t remember a specific one…

6b. Favorite gift received as an adult? My yellow and purple lava lamp!

7. Do you have a nativity scene? Nope

8. Hardest person to buy for? My daddy darling- he has pretty much everything he wants!

9. Easiest person to buy for? Damien!!!

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Both! Overkill!

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Embroidered pillowcases!!!

12. Favorite Christmas movie? Natural Born Killers

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? When I have money…

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Blush… yes, once or twice…

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Sorbet! Chocolate! Cheese!

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? Lots of both!!!

17. Favorite Christmas song? “Freakers Ball” Dr Hook

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Both!!!

19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeers? Um… nope, I tried- sorry.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Personally, I don’t like being on top of the tree!

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Both! Bring them on I’ll open them all!!!

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? Not having any fargin money!!!

23. Favorite ornament? It changes every year…

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner? Cheese burger… or steak!!!

25. What do you want for Christmas this year? World peace? And for everyone to have a map…

26. Who is most likely to respond to this? Well, it’s Christmas, and most people are all meme’d out, so I dunno if anyone’s gonna play along. Lemme know if you do!

27. Who is least likely to respond to this? I think I’ll take the 5th on this one… LOL

7 thoughts on “A Christmas Meme

  1. “teehee… you should try it!”

    I have to politely pass, I get depressed enough around Christmas and this would send me over the edge ; )

  2. polgara: howdy! and thankyou!

    szarek (will): wow, you read it??!

    allan: that was close indeed

    m@: you read the whole thing? i am impressed!!!

    writeprocrastinator: teehee… you should try it!

  3. Thanks for the comment! i also love Polgara and have read all the books!
    You have a great blog, ill be back!
    Pol x

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