So, As Sweetass Mentioned…

Its party time on Friday December 28th bunnies!!

Sweetass and I both celebrate our birthdays between Christmas and New Year, she on December 29th and me on December 28th, and as a result have pretty much always had shirty birthdays unless we celebrate WAAAY in advance, or LOOONG afterwards- giving friends and family the chance to recover from hangovers, holidays, overeating and overspending.
We’ve decided to party like total rockstars with as many fellow bloggers as we can at…

Why there?
Coz it’s relatively close to the major highways and byways- its huge- it always has live music- and ‘coz their booze is relatively priced!

Sweetass and I will both be there- me no doubt with feathers on and maybe bells too- and we both are looking forward to celebrating our birthdays decently for once!!!
oh- and if you didn’t get an “official invite” email from me it’s only coz I don’t have an email addy for you, not ‘coz you aren’t invited or something… Will, Bridget, Gremlin… this means you!
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15 Responses to So, As Sweetass Mentioned…

  1. darla says:

    ah! I’m with meherenow & fairie, a little sad that it’s so far away. Where’s a good bloggers unite jet when you need it? Enjoy the party! Have a Firkin good time!

  2. angel says:

    m@: we do keep all that very much on the downlow dude…

    meherenow: and i’ll be thinking of you!!!

    faerie: any chance i can send mine over the christmas rush?

  3. Faerie says:

    ummmm I got my invite… but my jet is in repairs…. 🙁

  4. MeHereNow says:

    I wanna come too! *stamping feet like a 2 year old!*

    Have a fabulous time! I’ll be thinking of you xx

  5. M@ says:

    Happy birthday, girl!

    Btw, I heard something on the news the other night about South Africa but… nothing on the country’s ongoing war in the Middle East or how they’re going to deal w/ the new Russia on the world stage this next year… Hmm….


  6. angel says:

    sweetass: oooh a crown!!! which feathers would you like to wear tjomma?!

  7. sweetass RSA says:

    i’ll be there!!!! wmmaaaaaaaahahahahahaha, i think i’ll wear my crown and borrow some feathers from you tjomma!!! i can’t wait!!!!!

    *doing the sweetass jive so long*

  8. angel says:

    kingcover: are you picking on me dude…??!?!

    donn: oh thats PERFECT!!!

    jackie: aaw you’re a peach!!

  9. yellowdog granny says:

    wish I was there so I could be your designated driver..happy happy…jackie

  10. homo escapeons says:

    I shall be there in spirit and through spirits!!

  11. Kingcover says:

    Ummmmm yup! Pay back’s a biatch! 😀

  12. angel says:

    szarek (will): we so hope to see you there! and no, damien is underaged…

    shebee: your spirit will be well toasted in absentia girl!!!

    kingcover: mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaa… i was checking my calendar before i finished the comment dude! this is coz i thought i missed your birthday innit!!?!?!

  13. Kingcover says:

    I’ve had a look at the menu. I like eating potato skins from cooked potatoes but I have never heard of skins being the main part of a dinner dish before?! Is that a joke menu lol?
    My 42ft yacht is moored up for repairs at the moment so I’ll have to pass on the party but I hope you and Sweetass have a great time at it 🙂

    You might want to check your calendar again. The 28th is a Thursday not a Friday 😉

    HAHAHA I made you think about that didn’t I. The redness in your face can reduce now *chuckle*.

  14. SheBee says:

    I will forward the invite on to Bridge.

    I wish I could come!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t forget about my toasted spirit though, ok? We have a deal.


  15. Szarek(Will) says:

    As I said on glug and sweetass’s blog…me and lee will try our best to be there….Will D be there as well?