Today Is Sweetass’ Birthday!!!


Hey Sweetass girl, you are one cool groovy chick and I love that we met and became friends so fast!!!

Last night was splendiforous and I had a total jol!!! I hope you get spoilt rotten today girl!

7 thoughts on “Today Is Sweetass’ Birthday!!!

  1. Love your new shoes and panties and wings- you lucky girl! Congrats to you and Glugs!x

  2. s.s.n.: teehee, glad i could be of assistance!!!

    sweetass: MWA to you too!!

    faerie: MWA

    ruby: i plan to, thanx girl!!!

  3. Congrats on both the birthday and the boyfriend!!!!

    Personally I don’t think the state of affairs are extremely fair, as I’m the one who requested a Prince Charming for Christmas! (LOL)

    I’m really happy for you sweet face! enjoy it!

  4. Thanks for the word, Angel, ’cause Sweetass hasn’t announced it on her blog.

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