You Totally Blow My Mind!

Here’s the newest set of seven awardees for my award, I’ll be giving them sporadically (read: when the fancy takes me), to bloggers who have indeed blown my mind- and there are a few who do so on a regular basis- and I’m doing 7 at a time because it’s my favourite number!
Here they are, in no particular order (drum roll while I tear the envelope open):

Eternally Curious
Homo Escapeons
Faerie (private blog)

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Wife, mom, cake artist, Guide Dog puppy raiser, ADHD champion, wedding planner, and tattooed cat slave.

17 Responses to You Totally Blow My Mind!

  1. Dawn says:

    How DO you spell this …. I know you will be able to “hear” what I am saying … Be an Anj/Ange (SP), give Faerie my addie or what ever it is she needs for me to read her award winning stuff.
    Have an awesome weekend – let’s try not break the furniture this time around … or actually, why not – gooi sister, gooi! xoxoxo
    p.s. Please ask Sister B if she got my email this week. Thanks, Anj/Ange.

  2. sweetass RSA says:

    no particular order eh… hehehehe

    congrats everyone!!!!

  3. Faerie says:

    Angel! I forgot my manners too… THANK YOU

    and to anyone reading this… if you would like access to my blog… just give your email to angel or email me… and Ill let you in…

    Im private because I dont write well if I know its open the the WWW!

  4. Szarek(Will) says:

    congrats fellow bloggeteurs( YEAH I know)

  5. Melany aka Supermom says:

    Oh thank you thank you thank you!!!!! You really do love me!!!! 😉

  6. Eternally Curious says:

    Oh, and Faerie? Since your blog is private – please allow me this opportunity to say “Congrats!” to a fellow nominee! I’d sure like to visit your blog – but I totally understand, and support, a person’s desire for privacy!

  7. yellowdog granny says:

    i will have to check some of them out..ydg

  8. homo escapeons says:

    I would like to thank the academy, my agent, my brilliant director and a wonderful supporting cast, but most of all, I would like to thank Angel for creating this award.

    Thank You sweetie, I know that it comes from your heart.

  9. Dawn says:

    wooooops – that should read ‘come back a (not and) second time’ … haha – an acceptance speech is not the one to mess up. Humbly apologizes to the audience and the Presidentette of the Angel Academy!! 🙂

  10. Dawn says:

    Once again you leave me totally speechless. I am always amazed that someone would come back and second time to read my blog, so to get an award is incredible!
    I ever-so-humbly say ‘thank you’ for the award, and thank you again for introducing me to some more amazing people.
    Love you to bits. xox

  11. MommyFaith says:

    My daughter has ADHD and I know what you mean. Granted she is merely 8 so, I have a long way to go. The best way to stop smoking is to quit for a month and then walk into a room filled with smoke. According to my 80 year old grandfather you will never pick up another one. Then again he worked for RJR and we got them free. Good thing I never smoked because I don’t like the smell of the things.

  12. Southern Sage says:

    When I saw the header I thought that you had seen some pics of me!
    I might need to check these folks out.

  13. Eternally Curious says:

    Oh … N-O-W I get it! I couldn’t for the life of me figure what your comment on my post was all about … till I came here and saw this!!! Mwahahaha!

    And … WOW! I’m speechless! Truly don’t know what to say! Did you do this before you saw my post? If so, then you’re right – this is really freaky!!!

    And I second faerie’s question: how does one put the icon on our blogs?

    Lastly: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! I don’t know exactly how or why I do what you say I do – but I’m tickled pink that I do!

  14. M@ says:

    I guess I won previously?

  15. Faerie says:

    shit I just cant keep this one clean angel!

    Thank goodness it was your mind I was blowing… otherwise I may have had a jealous man on my hands!

  16. Faerie says:

    LMAO.. does that mean I put that on the side?? if so.. tell me how plz! or leave instructions on my yahoo!

  17. Preposterous Ponderings says:

    Congratulations my bloggin’ peeps!