A School Update…

As I’m sure most of you know the South African inland schools re-opened on Wednesday for the start of a new school year.
When I went to wake Damien up to get ready… he was already awake and dressed!!! He just didn’t have shoes on!!! I was quite speechless! His bag was packed and all he needed was to have his meds! He has a new school bag- half the size of the one he has had for the last few years because he insisted he won’t need a bigger one. He now only has a few subjects being in grade 10! I disagreed about the size of the bag he needed… but what do I know, so I went ahead and bought a little-ish one. And he has all new stationary too- with a skateboarder on his math set tin!
He says his class is a little bigger than last year, and he has a new registration teacher. He was very glad to get back and see all his friends again.
I thought his waking up early on Wednesday boded well for the rest of the year… but it was not to be. Thursday morning was right back to normal- including an argument over the fact that he was wearing his new Quicksilver camouflage T-shirt instead of his school golf shirt, which he suddenly claimed he couldn’t find even though he assured me he had checked on his school clothes the night before!!
Aaah… bliss!
Back to normal.
He has started receiving his books… and this is a perk of a private school that I should expand on just now.
And I was quite flabbergasted last night when he went ahead and covered the books he had received thus far all by himself! Granted, I think the pictures he used are a little risqué and I dunno if his teachers will be terribly happy with them… but they said they could cover their books any way they wanted. I haven’t heard from the school yet so I s’pose it’ll be okay, LOL.
Back to the “perks” I mentioned. I was actually chatting to a colleague whose little boy is 14 months old, and we got onto the subject of schooling and what it costs. Private school fees are high- on average 3 times more per month than government schools- but the kids are provided with all their work books and text books throughout the year. And Damien has no uniform apart from the golf shirt with the school badge on the breast. This saves me a fortune every year! All I buy is stationery. The school also does no fund-raising as they take in a little extra money per child as part of the deposit- which is then stashed in a separate account. There are no raffles, fetes, fun days, or concerts are held to collect money… and I know every parent knows what I’m talking about- you know that sinking feeling on receipt of a notice from the school about tickets to be sold for some or other lucky draw in order to be able to repaint the rugby posts on the main sports field… with Damien’s school, the events they do have are for fun and for the grade 12 learners to raise money for their own year end event and such! And of course private school classes are smaller, more learner focused and in Damien’s case- they specialise in teaching ADHDers and handling kids with other LD.
And seeing the change in Damien when going from a “public” school to a private one… it makes every single expense worthwhile! So as long as I can afford it, he will be in a private school.
I’m hoping this year will be as good as, if not better than last year for him.
I hope all of you with kidlets starting a new school year are not totally overwhelmed with homework just yet! Good luck with the book covering operation and topping up of stationery requirements!

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  1. sweetass: i moved damien as soon as i could afford it… and i’ll keep him private for as long as i can…

    szarek (will): adhd is “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” and this is why damien is on meds. he is very hyperactive and impulsive and battles to concentrate on anything for too long… unless he’s interested in it- then he can hyper-focus! it’s a long story dude…

    goblin: hey goblin! welcome and thanx for the compliment! the expenses do add up don’t they…

    jenty: aw don’t dread it jenty, its great fun!

    ruby: the difference between damien’s school and a lot of other private schools is that the kids go there because they cannot cope in a public school, and they’re all very much alike- and having been the “odd one’s out” for most of their school careers they’re very happy there!

    nosjunkie: teehee, damien’s is more boys than girls… but it is mixed…

    shebee: love!!!!!!!!!!

    sheena gates: teehee…

    katy katy katy: 😀

    yellowdog granny: mwaaaaahahahahahaaaaa… damien’s just grumpy when he wakes up, but he likes his school!

    dawn: mwa budvo!

    preposterous ponderings: it’s the same one he was in last year and it did wonders for him!

    mel: ouch… those fees are frightening… damien’s fees will be r2330/month for this year… steep, but he’s so happy there!

    sometimes saintly nick: thanx dude!

    wenchy: i wouldn’t be able to afford private school if i had more than one child… you have all my sympathy when it comes to the costs girl!

    michelle hix: mwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaa

    faerie: teehee… i think it may be because our seasons are opposite to yours, and we have a lot more summer… so we start january and end in december, which is when they have their long holiday over christmas. they have two other holidays during the year of 3 weeks each and a week off in september.

    terri: ta… da bruvva & the glugster are also audi fans!

    whatalotoffun: hi stranger! i’m glad you’re still alive and kicking- and i understand the kidlets keeping you on your toes!

  2. hi dear friend how you keeping well fine this side the kiddies is keeping me so busy I dont even have time to shave my legs I tell you. Well I got no excuse now I can publish post from my cell phone direct to my blog is that not just so cool.

  3. It certainly does seem like the choice you made to put Damien in that school was the right one.
    I hope the leg is feeling better.
    Oh, and that Alfa is really pretty! I have a soft spot for the Audi R8 myself.

  4. umm whats with SA schools using the same calendar year as say a calendar?

    here in the USA we have to fuck it all up … go in at the end of the year and finish in the middle.. gotta love a fucked up system dont ya?

  5. Sometimes I lay in bed and dream that my husband has hired someone to come to my house in the morning and fight with my kids for an hour while making them get ready for school.

  6. I have to buy the text books,stationery, uniform – you know… everything.

    I wish I could send my kids to a private school… but is not possible.

    I hope this is a good school year for you both.

  7. Sounds like a good start. We go back on Wednesday. He has been off the meds for 2 months now and doesn’t wanna go back on. I am tempted to allow him a trial period but I don’t want him to get left behind again. On pvt vs public it all depends on the kid as well as the individual school. I am still deciding where Daniel goes for highschool. The deposit is R29 000 and the fees R4000 a month!

  8. Best of luck to your son. Let’s hope that this private school is a great thing for him.

  9. Public and private schools produce good and successful students. It’s a personal choice of finding the best match for your kid. Having tried both where we live, for elemantary and middle (primary in south africa) school anyway, we choose private schooling for our child. I don’t agree with the high cost of education in America in general. While Public school is free, private school and college (varsity) education is insanely expensive. Good luck to Damien – hope he has a great year … and hope you leg is healing well. Have a lekker weekend.

  10. oh man..while reading your post I had a flash back of all the mornings of getting the kids off to school…the boys were bad enough but maryjo was the worse..she had asthma and would run around in her bed room until she had an attack and then tell me ..wasn’t till she was out of school that she told me what she used to do..that and run hot water on her thermometer to raise the temp…sigh..so glad that is all behind me..
    good for you that you can afford to send him to private school…nice to know things haven’t changed no matter what country you live in..ha

  11. This school sound so great and I do agree on the fact that private school is better. I only have one friend who attended private school, unfortunatly the school was single sexed the result is that my friend has no clue about the opposite sex and this is becoming a very serius matter of socialising my poor friendlett.

    oh and I agree with Rubs; the joneses are more difficult to keep up with in private schools

  12. private schools are all nice and well…but a lot of the times kids aren’t happy there, and they are subjected to a lot of pressures you won’t have in a public school. Most of the kids in private are usually little rich snobs and they look down on the kids who don’t have all the name brand stuff and cant go on all the holidays and trips as their parents are killing themselves just to keep them there.

    In the long run private is more expensive because of all the social money you’ll hafta cough up.

    I think the best place to send a kid is to a public school somewhere in a small town. thats where i went. The classes were relatively small, the teachers and scholars unpretensious and innocent. I had the best time there.

  13. LOL at him getting back to normal so quickly! The school sounds wonderful, and I must agree – my kids will go to private school for as long as we can afford it. I’m dreading this stage in my life – Bradley starts grade 00 next week.

  14. For the last three years of high school I went to private school and I think that in the long run the extra expense is definately worth it. You have teachers that actually care most of the time and your child receives much more attention and help with their work.
    I think a big thing about that private schools can contribute to is your childs happiness and people don’t often take that into account and how it affects their childrens education.
    Although considering all the things parents have to shell out for at public school I’m not entirely convinced private is that much more expensive over time.

    Lovely blog 🙂

  15. Whats wrong with D that he has to take meds? WTF is ADHD?

    I went toa normal school…and let me tell you…its sucs so bad that there are security cameras

  16. oh the joys of parenthood! government schools are a subject that we can talk about all day… the school my kids go to isn’t all that bad, they provide all the books for the kids, and their school uniforms is std grey, so i buy them at pep for next to nothing… so far so good, pvt schools are great, but alas can’t afford it! i’m paying R1260 pm for my two at school, that is quite expensive or am i imagining it?

    hope you feel better soon!

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