The Knucklehead Has Flu!

Poor thing… he’s aching, coughing, miserable as sin, feverish… but still smoking the silly nana!!!
I’m dosing him with ACC200, Med-Lemon, Myprodol and Sinutabs.

5 thoughts on “The Knucklehead Has Flu!

  1. Over here we have Lemsip, which might be the same as your med-lemon. It’s got paracetamol/ibuprofen and phenylephrine (a simple decongestant) in it.

  2. sheena: teehee! damien is and always will be “the kucklehead”… and now i have his flu!

    katy katy katy: he’s fine, i’m not!

    justin: we’ve been taking something called “med-lemon”, do you know it?

  3. Has anyone tried drinking a cup of hot “tea” made with a teaspoon of dried sage (+ boiling water and then left for a few mins to infuse)? It can work wonders for sore throats — seems to have an antiseptic effect.

    Time to give up the cigarettes — he could develop pneumonia if he carries on.

  4. Wait, which knucklehead are we talking about here, Glug or Damien?

    Be specific with the men in your life, woman!

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