Going Greek For A Change!!!

Oooh, I must tell you bunnies, last night was date night for me and Glugs! And yes- we see each other on weekends- but Damien is with us most of the time, so we seldom have time together with just the two of us. I’ve had a hectic week- work wise as well as dealing with Damien drama- and Glugs came to fetch me and get me out of the house a bit.

So last night we went to Greek Boys restaurant, and I tell you, we ate like royalty. I can highly recommend their food AND their service bunnies. There was a guy playing the guitar and a steel drum and singing a little, and we had a cosy, quiet table for two upstairs and out of the way. Our waitron was very sweet and when he came to sort out our drinks order he assured us he’d be disturbing us as little as possible so we could continue to gaze into each other’s eyes! So we started with a beer each to quench our thirsts, and then we had humus and pita bread for a starter.

Then Glugs ordered a fabulous Merlot and while he had a kleftiko for his entrée,

I had a yiouvetsi!

Both mouthwatering let me tell you. It was my first time in a Greek restaurant and I tell you, I will gladly go back! The kleftiko is lamb wrapped in vine leaves and phyllo pastry served with veggies; and the yiouvetsi is a beef dish with pasta rice. Wow. Melt. In. The. Mouth. I tell you no lies bunnies! And as backward as I may be when it comes to dining out (you can ask me where any KFC or Mickey D’s is and I can give you detailed directions) even I knew what baklava was!!!

We had a dessert of baklava and ice cream and Greek coffee as well. What unbelievable coffee bunnies. I love coffee, and this was a first for me, awesome I tell you! Its thick and very strong, and slightly sweet, and they serve it with a glass of ice water for when it gets too strong… I couldn’t put it down it was so delicious!!!

After our meal we went to Co.fi and cuddled on their big white leather couches while we had a couple of cocktails to end off the evening. It was just so cool. This dating thing really grows on a person doesn’t it? Wonderful conversation and fabulous food with someone I adore!

And I was home by midnight… and then it took me two phone calls and pressing the front door buzzer to wake Damien so he could let me in the front door!!!

Thank you for spoiling me so baby!

15 thoughts on “Going Greek For A Change!!!

  1. allan: mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa… you’re so right!

    darla: i’m definitely going back sometime- there’s a lot on that menu!!!

  2. Ah how I miss Greek food. It’s both (a) hard to find here and (b) not appreciated by friends here nearly so much as my old journalism friends who could stroll across the street with me for falafel euros and baklava.

  3. It’s easy to spot bloggers at restaurants- they are the ones taking snapshots of their plates!

  4. mel: ROTFL… damien laughs his head off at me because i photograph the food when we eat out.
    those pictures are not mine however- i didn’t take my camera on our date!

  5. Only Angel would photograph each dish as blog fodder! Looks amazing, glad u still in lurvvvve.

  6. s e e quine: ooh, if you look at the cokctail list- i had a “strawberry and rose collins” and glugs had a “hawaiian punch”!!

  7. glugster: MWA MWA MWA

    sweetass: teehee

    nosjunkie: we’re kinda talking again- though the temptation to wind him upside the head is great because he NEVER stops answering back!

    sweet trini: why thank you stranger, nice to see you again!!!

    s.s.n.: oh absolutely!!!

    y.d.g.: it was wonderful!

    s e e quine: its a fun plate i tell you!!!

  8. ` Mmmm. I drooled at the Greek food, and then I went to Co.fi … I almost creamed my pants. I don’t know why, but it’s true.

  9. i echo that part about you deserving a night out, but out or in, it’s the yumminess i was going to say you really deserved. walk good.

  10. No need to thank me, baby! I had a great time too. And you thoroughly deserved a night out!

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