Welcome to the Traffic Cone Preservation Society

Did you all even know there was such a thing!!?!

This site is so worth a look just for the giggle factor! Someone worked REALLY hard on this!!!

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9 Responses to Mwaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  1. angel says:

    darla: hhmmmm… i wonder if thats a new species?

  2. darla says:

    I love the cone! That’s excellent. Here they can be seen protecting overiced parking spots as they themselves are ice-sealed to the ground. Ah winter.

  3. angel says:

    s.s.n.: they did indeed- they weren’t common then, but they’ve adapted!

    s.s.: that’s what i thought!

    meherenow: i write bogus profiles for my colleagues for our intranet and i was looking for strange professions… and yes, i google everything!

    s e e quine: aw the poor thing- did you manage to get it to a vegetarian? i’ll pop in at wackmobiles shortly! i’ve been dying for an alien update!!!

    terri: heh heh, check my reply to “meherenow”! i’ll add tzatziki to my list of things to try!!!

  4. S E E Quine says:

    ` Hey Angel… space kittens are calling you to Science and Wackmobiles….

  5. Terri says:

    I have to wonder how you found that website 😀

    ps On the Greek food thing, I LOVE it,Love it, LOVE it!!! But you didn’t have tzatziki. YOu have to have tzatziki!

    Sorry I’ve been gone a while.

  6. S E E Quine says:

    ` Aha ha ha ha ha haaaaa! They’re soooo cute!!!
    ` You know, once I ran over a white one and it got stuck in my wheel well for about a mile. I felt so bad….

  7. MeHereNow says:

    Angel? Hello? How did YOU find this site??? You been googling again??

  8. Southern Sage says:

    someone was wayyyyyyyyyyyy bored!

  9. Sometimes Saintly Nick says:

    I wonder: did traffic cones exist before the 20th Century?