hhmmm… I seem to title several posts this way… maybe I should get me a sound-proof room where I can really scream every once in a while!?

Anyhoodle, I am STILL having connection hassles with my 3G datacard, but only at home. Everywhere else, no worries! And VodaCrap is telling me its my datacard thats faulty. Or I must change my profile. Or I must reinstall. Have I tried another room in my house.
VodaCrap helpline staff, here’s a little tip. When someone calls you and asks for assistance, do not immediately assume they’re completely clueless losers and start saying things like “OK, click on “TOOLS” then click on “PROFILE” then click on… do not instantly launch into the little rehearsed click on “START”, “PROGRAMS”, “CONTROL PANEL” speech because not all of us are as thick as bricks!
ASK the caller if they have changed their profile lately. I have mine set on “3G Only” for a reason and I have already tried switching it around to try and get a longer lasting signal.
You wanker.
ASK the caller if they have checked on their temp files and internet history and and and before telling me where to click!
You asshole.

Right… so can you tell I am suffering from blog-reading-commenting withdrawal!!?! I have not had my 6 hour nightly fix in ages and I am SO behind!!!

Ooh, and before I forget- granny darling is doing fabulously well! I went and saw her last night, she’s not in ICU though she is in a lot of pain (obviously). Thank you so much for all the well-wishes and prayers and PLEASE keep it up!


  1. p.p.: “the first step in resolving a problem is acknowledging there is a problem”

    e.m.c.t.: they do indeed! and i’m trying… i spent an hour on the phone with them this morning again!

  2. hello comment slut.
    balls to VodaCum….they suck!

    hope you’re working your tech shit out!

  3. peong: hhmmm… i do like “wanker” but “tosser” shows promise for future use, snigger!

    sweets: sheesh, me too tjomma!

    ruby: oh i understand they do speak to morons- but they can at least ask if i am a moron before launching into their rehearsed schpiel!
    and i’m hoping so too…

    glugster: no worries there babe!

  4. he he:) shame angel! i can understand your frustration. But give the vodacom guys a little credit. Most people who phone them for queries don’t even know what a mouse is. And they don’t wanna start the conversations with the questions you mentioned cause it will just plain freak 99% of the callers out and they won’t be able to get a decent word out of them to try and fix the problem after that.

    Thankfully, i’m not having the same problems with my 3G and therefore i suppose it is easy for me to be the voice of reason.

    Good luck with trying to get you internet fixed hun! and i sincerely hope that the new toys will solve this problem pronto! We’ve been missing you!!!!!

  5. VodaKAK / VodaCRAP / esKAK…. wmmmmmmmmmahahahahahahahahaha… hope your new hardware and upgrade will do the trick!

  6. hahaha… you said wanker. In non-american english name calling that might be my favorite. Tosser is up there too, but you kinda need the f bomb in front to really emphasize that one.

    Sorry you are having so much trouble. Hope you get it sorted.

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