Death To Spambots And Other Weekend News…

Today is mine and the Glugster’s second monthiversary! Sheesh can you believe how time flies bunnies!!! In truth- it feels much longer. And without getting too lewd and lascivious… let me just say that I can NOT get enough of him!!! And yes I know its still early days… but I’m loving it!

On Saturday Glugs and I were exceptionally lazy… we napped and snacked and watched TV all day. Damien had his PS2 with him and played “Ghostrider” all weekend! Heavenly… then yesterday we went to braai at my sister C’s place with da Bruvva and my nephew N. The Glugster got a chicken tour of a difference in seeing sister C’s significant other’s show roosters… we ate really well, and went up to the horse slash game farm where Damien and I used to ride to say goodbye to our old “friends”, and of course there are pictures that I’ll post later.

And I must just warn you all- I am AGAIN having connection crap at home so I am SO very behind on my reading and commenting… and VodaKak is blaming everything from EsKak to the rain for my troubles without actually helping me with anything. I miss you all dreadfully and I’ll get back up to speed as soon as I can!! There’s good news too- I am getting a new laptop!!! An awesomely spectacularly yummy HP Pavilion dv9500!!! I had my grubby little paws on it this morning and I’ll be spending the next week or so installing drivers and programs and all that fun stuff. I had a minor panic attack when I discovered my new toy had an express card slot i.s.o. a datacard slot- but I am due to upgrade and renew my 3G account at the end of February so I’ll be getting an expresscard with my upgrade. I’m also busy transferring data off of my current notebook to make sure I don’t lose anything.

In other news- believe it or not- my BLOG was being spammed bunnies!!! Anyone notice the freaky posts that appeared this morning (thanx for the head’s up babe…)? You see, Blogger gives you the option to email posts and pictures and even videos straight to your blog- and I have been using this option for well over two years as my client’s server doesn’t always allow me access to my blog. Then last week I noticed a freaky post or two saved as drafts on my nephew’s blog. I deleted them, thinking maybe one of the other contributors to his fan club had sent them by accident. Then I got an odd post on my own blog, which I deleted thinking it may be spam, but not worrying about it terribly. And then this morning the dreaded spambots struck again. TWO spam posts!!! I deleted both, and I have now changed the email address I use to post via email. But I’m going to keep an eye on it as this is now clearly not as “safe” an option as it used to be…

My granny darling is out of surgery and into ICU… there’s still a looong recovery road ahead of her- but so far it seems as if everything went well.

8 thoughts on “Death To Spambots And Other Weekend News…

  1. bridget: ta b!

    mel: aw thanx- you’re so cool mel!

    elise: 😀

    glugster: :-*

    s e e quine: evil indeed- i’ll be right there!

    sweets: oh no, the horror, please don’t ignore me!!!

  2. You and Glugs sound so cute together… It does seem like you’ve been together for ages.

    Every monday I have to read up on you two. Part of the routine xx

  3. Go granny go. The women in your family are so super tough that she will be doing cartwheels in no time.

  4. YAY for you and Glug!


    We miss you too …

    Spammers must DIE!

    Hurrah on Granny Darling.

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