Granny Darling Update…

email from my mommy darling:


Catheter is out. Drip is out. She has kept a litty-bitty food down. Progress at last.
They are going to x-ray her chest today. Dunno what for?
She is up and about in a wheel chair (which is held together with bandages. It’s really 3rd world there). The sooner we can get her out of insert-shirty-hospital-name-here the happier we ALL will be.

Thank you for your prayers and care- it has all worked.

If I have missed anyone please pass this along!

Love and such gratitude to you all!

9 thoughts on “Granny Darling Update…

  1. elise: thank you!

    michelle hix: we are too!

    p.p.: great indeed!

    s.s.n.: thanx dude!

    sweets: me too tjomma! me too!

    bridget: she is indeed!

  2. I’m so glad she’s better Angel. She’ll really start improving when she gets home.

    Happy V-Day to you and Glugs


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